James Gunn Teases Jason Momoa Is The DCU’s Lobo


Jason Momoa as the new DCU’s Lobo has been going around for months, and James Gunn, together with Peter Safran, addresses the rumours. ComicBook.com reports that the co-CEOs answered the question during the media presentation of the initial part of DCU’s Chapter 1: Gods and Monsters.

As expected, the newly released DCU slate featuring a part of Chapter 1 is still a hot topic among fans and followers of the studio and everyone involved in all the projects.  Naturally, people are asking about rumours prior to the official announcement. The one with Momoa being both Aquaman and Lobo is no different.

Gunn and Safran may have answered this rumour but only actually a part of it. Considering the upcoming Aquaman sequel is the last instalment for Momoa’s portrayal of the Atlantean King, it appears there is still a chance he’ll be having not aquatic but intergalactic dolphins as pets in the future.

Jason Momoa Really To Be Aquaman And Lobo?

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In Gunn’s response:

Jason will not play two characters despite what you guys might think.

Safran followed up on this with:

It’s too early. Listen, he definitely… Jason always thought Aquaman was a trilogy, in his own mind. But listen, he loves Lobo. He’s been very clear about that, too. He’s never going to play two characters, but no decisions have been made.

And Gunn ends it with:

We’ll figure it out after Aquaman 2.

The way I see this is that they are decided not to have an actor play two roles within the DCU. However, they did not clarify if Momoa will continue on to be Aquaman or if that run ends and he then assumes the Lobo role. It seems as if Momoa has to choose, as he can’t have both.

With Gunn’s last statement, it could just mean that if the movie does spectacularly at the box office meaning rake in as much, if not more than how much the first movie did, then DCU will see a third Aquaman movie. If not, then DCU will be considering Momoa as their Lobo for whatever future project they have in mind.

2018 Aquaman starring Momoa and Amber Heard, performed well at the worldwide box office with $1.14B from a production budget of $160M. The PG-13 action-adventure movie got a 65% rating on the Tomatometer with a 73% Audience Score from more than 25K ratings.

Gunn And Safran Practically Say Momoa Can’t Be Both


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In December 2022, Variety reported that the upcoming sequel already costs DC Studios $205M in production. And, as far as we know, they still are having some things done, like straightening a few final kinks or so. One would have to think that Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has to surf in at least $750M to be considered for a third movie. But that one is just me.

Three times the production cost may even be cutting it close since there will also be other expenses that the studio will have to cover until the seats in the theatres sell. Gunn is right about waiting and seeing how the movie turns out first before deciding on their next step with Momoa.

If fans are to decide, it would really be a toss between the two characters. Definitely, Momoa brought Aquaman Arthur Curry to life. He is perfectly cast there. However, as he said, he could be savage, charming and funny simultaneously. The same characteristics as Lobo. And his recent statement displays his confidence as he said:

I’ll always be Aquaman. Ain’t anyone coming in there and taking shit. There might be some other characters, too. I can play other things, too. I can be funny and savage and charming.

Given that, I think he is also keeping his options open. That is truly something remarkable for an actor these days. Not many would have that choice. But then again, this is Jason Momoa we are talking about.

Do you think the actor will continue to be Aquaman, or will he be Lobo in the new DCU?

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