Booster Gold HBO Max Series Announced By James Gunn

Booster Gold Is 1st DCU Superhero With Imposter Syndrome

Booster Gold is finally getting his time to shine as a new HBO Max series thanks to James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DCU slate. At 12pm eastern standard time today, entertainment sites posted articles about the new projects happening in DC Studios.

Deadline was among these sites. At the same time, Gunn himself posted a 6-minute video on his Twitter account for the lineup of new projects that will comprise the new DCU.

Booster Gold Delivers A Hero With ‘Baggage’ Into HBO Max

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In Gunn’s video, he describes the character as:

One of comic’s really popular cult heroes. He is a fascinating guy. He’s a loser from the future who uses future technology to come back into present day and become a superhero so that people will love him. It is basically the superhero story of Impostor Syndrome on an HBO Max series.

The character’s alter ego is Michael Jon Carter in the comic book pages of DC Comics from creator Dan Jurgens. His first appearance was in Booster Gold #1 on February 1986. From that time on, he has been a member of the Justice League as well.

As someone from the future, he uses his knowledge of past events and his current tech to orchestrate public demonstrations of heroism. While he began as an attention-seeking chump, he eventually found his own worth, but only through personal challenges as his theatrics caught up with him.

This will not be the first time the character has appeared on the small screen, however. Previously, Eric Martsolf portrayed the character during Smallville, and Donald Faison donned the suit in Legends of Tomorrow season 7.

Booster Gold May Actually Cross TV and Movies Too

Booster Gold Is 1st DCU Superhero With Imposter Syndrome

Credit: DC Comics

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Interestingly, the character also appears in the animated Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Since the new DCU  also has that title for the new Batman, there is a growing chance that the futuristic hero with self-esteem issues will also appear in the movie.

James Gunn has mentioned that the same actors will portray roles across tv, film and games for the DCU. Whoever will land the role in the future has a chance to appear in the Batman movie as well.

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