Ben Affleck Could Be In Line To Direct DCU Batman Movie


It’s being reported that Ben Affleck might be in line to direct a new Batman movie in the DC Universe. However, DC Studios’ co-CEO, James Gunn, has opened up about this recent rumour. We’re going to talk about it all right here and try and clear some things up for you.

There have been lots of reports over the past few months/years about Ben Affleck’s Batman. There have been rumours that Ben Affleck was finally going to get to direct his Batman movie. Then there were rumours that he was going to make a Batman series.

It was then revealed that none of that was happening and that Batfleck would be coming to an end with The Flash movie. However, when James Gunn and Peter Safran took over DC Studios, Gunn revealed that he and Affleck had a very positive conversation about him directing a movie for them, which would be brilliant.

Could Ben Affleck be about to direct a new Batman movie set in the DCU?


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However, at the time, Gunn did say that Affleck wasn’t going to be directing a Batman film. That said, since he said that, there has been a new report from an outlet called Above The Line, which mentions that they have heard rumours from their industry insiders suggesting that Affleck might well be in line to direct Batman: The Brave And The Bold for DC Studios.

This report made the rounds on the Internet, and some people then headed on over to Twitter to claim that James Gunn was a “professional liar”. DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn addressed his commitment to “never lie” to fans, questioning what fibs the user believes he may have told. Here’s what he had to say on the matter:

For years it’s been my commitment to the fans that I will never lie to them… and I never have. I’d be very curious about what it is you think I’ve lied about.

Which other DC properties could Ben Affleck be interested in directing?


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So, people have been claiming that this means that James Gunn has ‘debunked’ the claims that Ben Affleck will be directing a Batman movie for DC Studios. However, that’s not really true.

He never actually said that it was never going to happen. However, we mustn’t take these reports as gospel. I’d never heard of the outlet Above The Line prior to reading their recent article on Ben Affleck. They’re not one of the major Hollywood trades, and even those outlets have been proven to be wrong in recent months/years.

It’s going to be interesting to see what ends up happening with this upcoming Batman movie, which will bring Robin into the universe also, as well as giving us a new version of Batman.  This means that we’re probably going to have at least three versions of Batman moving forward: Robert Pattinson’s, Michael Keaton’s and then whoever they end up casting in Batman: The Brave And The Bold.

We might also get to see George Clooney return to the role in the upcoming Flash movie. We’re also going to see Ben Affleck’s Batman in The Flash and potentially in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Batman: The Brave And The Bold when it’s finally released? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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