Barry Cancelled By HBO After 4 Seasons

Barry Cancelled By HBO After 4 Seasons

Bill Hader’s Barry is set to finish the show on HBO after four seasons. While many are worried that it could have an abrupt ending, as with many shows these days, especially with HBO. It turns out that this is a natural end to the story of Barry.

With so many shows and movies being cancelled by Warner Bros. Discovery, it feels like the company keeps on shocking us. We’ve lost a lot of good shows in the past year, and sometimes, it’s a bit too much for anyone’s comfort. Even shows that we all presumed would be safe weren’t safe at all, like Westworld.

Even shows that were being developed that sounded like a sure hit were also cancelled. So, when we heard about Barry, it was pretty much a sense of “another one bites the dust.”

But contrary to what people might think. It seems that the dark comedy about a hitman trying to have a life as a struggling actor, Barry, might end the way it was meant to.

Barry Has Been Cancelled by HBO

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In a report from Variety, Bill Hader himself tells the outlet that he and co-creator Alec Berg realised that Season 4 would be Barry’s last. Hader said:

A very clear ending presented itself.

When Season 4 was announced, it was after the WarnerMedia and Discovery merger. In other words, the show itself was already safe in the first place. But it was only when filming started that Hader told the Vice President of HBO comedy programming, Amy Gravitt, that it was going to end. He remembered telling Gravitt:

I feel like the story naturally ends after Season 4.

Gravitt was disappointed with the news. But she does believe in Hader’s project. She said:

Every decision that he’s made about the story, or the jump between seasons, has made sense — so I had to go with his gut on that. Obviously, now that we’re here, we’re feeling sentimental about it. But it really does feel like it’s the right time to finish the show.

To learn that the show will end the way it should be, as intended by the creators, is a good sign. Yes, they could have extended it more; they actually had the option for it if they wanted to. But they didn’t want to keep it going that way. They wanted a proper end to Barry’s story.

Season 4 Will Be Barry’s Final Season


Credit: HBO

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The show’s final season will continue the events of the third season. We last saw Barry being arrested by the police with the help of his own acting coach, Gene, played by Henry Winkler. The new season will start with Barry already in jail.

The final season was directed by Bill Hader himself. Even though he has directed many episodes of the show before, this is the first time he has done an entire season. He is taking care of the show as much as he can.

The show has consistently received multiple nominations and awards every year since it was released in 2018. This includes the Emmy Awards, Critics Choice Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards and many more. Not only that, but it has also been received well by critics and audiences alike.

Barry returns for its final season on April 16th.

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