Arrowverse’s Greg Berlanti Steps Back From DC Superhero Shows


Greg Berlanti seems to be shifting his focus from DC Superhero Arrowverse shows and exploring his other advocacies in future projects. While he and Warner Bros closed a new deal for the next few years amounting to $300-400M, The Direct writes this might entail less superhero content for the creator.

Granted that there are still Berlanti DC Superhero series coming up. However, there seem to be no other additional projects under those criteria after the final season of The Flash, Doom Patrol, Titans and Superman & Lois. Though they did not say that the latter is also approaching its final season, it’s just that people now have the impression that it is Superman & Lois’ last flight.

Would this imply that the upcoming Gotham Knights will have one standalone season? Also, there is still the Green Lantern project, right?

Then again, the report did say he is just moving away but not entirely detaching from DC Superhero content.

Many fans have nothing but appreciation for what Berlanti has done with his Berlantiverse of DC characters. Thanks to the Arrowverse, we got tens of DC heroes, villains and supporting characters into the small screen.

The crossovers were also a notable annual event for the shows’ viewers and fans.

Arrowverse’s Greg Berlanti Slows Down On DC Superhero Shows

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Leading the pack of perfect casting from Berlanti are Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen, aka the Green Arrow, Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl and Grant Gustin as Barry Allen, aka The Flash. Many other actors donned different costumes that fit them perfectly, and they are quite many to mention.

Fans expect a lot of them will be coming back for the final run of The Flash, and Amell has even confirmed via social media that once Barry calls, Oliver comes running.

It isn’t a secret that Berlanti’s shows are highly affected by the shift of ownership of The CW. The new company is more interested in other projects thus, Berlanti looked at his other options.

Add to this the other shift in the conglomerate as DC Films became DC Studios. The new studio will cover all aspects DC, except comics, and these include television, streaming, theatrical and video game content using DC Characters. All of those are now under James Gunn and Peter Safran.

Gunn has already clarified that the announcement to end Doom Patrol has already been decided on prior to him and Safran taking responsibility for the studio. Furthermore, Gunn also made it clear that Berlanti’s Green Lantern project is still alive.

On another note, the new Co-CEOs of DC Studios are on schedule to announce the first ‘chapters’ of their new DC slate by noon Eastern Standard Time, January 31, 2023.

Arrowverse’s Greg Berlanti Focuses On New Shows

Arrowverse's Greg Berlanti Steps Back From DC Superhero Shows

Credit: The CW

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Whether the new slate will involve Greg Berlanti is still under wraps. Definitely, Berlanti is preoccupied with other projects, particularly those that bring a spotlight to socially relevant issues.

If WBD means to have a unified ‘superheroverse’ for DC characters then it would make sense that DC Studios Gunn and Safran would be the main heads that will crack open the new slate.

Indeed, the ship is being stirred onto a more definite path. There are only a few hours left to wait before the world gets an idea of what that path would look like.

Non-superhero projects in various stages of development in production for Berlanti include the television series The Girls on the Bus, Found, More, and Anon Pls.

His upcoming features include Red White & Royal Blue, Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed, Atlas, Dallas Sting, Just by Looking at Him, Alice + Freda Forever, and Be More Chill.

While this can mean the last phases of Greg Berlanti’s DC superheroes, it certainly doesn’t mean it is the end. Even more so for Berlanti’s productions.

He definitely has a broader scope of storytelling at this point. Something he is always passionate about.

Do you think DC Studios will keep Berlanti on board for future superhero television or streaming content? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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