Amber Heard Called The Coldest Human Being On Earth By Fiona Phillips

Amber Heard Coldest Human Being

Amber Heard has been described as the coldest human being on Earth by The Daily Mail columnist, Fiona Phillips in a recent article.

Phillips described a meeting she once had with Amber Heard and she said that there’s “no colder human being you wouldn’t wish to meet”.

Here’s what she had to say about her meeting with Ms Heard:

I’ve had the great displeasure of encountering Amber Heard, and there’s no colder human being you wouldn’t wish to meet. I had to put a coat on to warm up after trying to get anything out of her in our interview at the time. Although, it has to be said, she does, albeit in a rather sadistic kind of fashion, leave you sort of wanting more of what it is she hasn’t got. But, DON’T please even think of going back there Johnny!

Amber Heard is one cold human being

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It’s really interesting to hear someone describe an actual meeting with Amber Heard.

I also found it quite interesting the way she said that Heard was the type of person leaving you wanting more.

I think the word “sadistic” is the really fascinating one in Phillips’ article.

It’s the perfect word to describe someone like Amber Heard.

It really seems as though Heard’s true colours have been shown for all to see thanks to this defamation trial.

Heard has been proven time and time again to be a lier and finally, Johnny Depp has been vindicated thanks to him winning the defamation case.

What do you make of this news?

Do you also believe that Amber Heard is one of the coldest human beings on Earth?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. SammyJ

    Depp is a violent man who has another lawsuit in a month for punching a male crew member. If you care about male victims then you’ll mention that as well.

    • jdf

      It’s not about gender. It’s about credibility. And don’t use that card when you don’t believe he was abused by Turd. You clearly don’t care about male victims.

    • Anonymous

      No one has ever said that John ever misbehaved with anyone on the set. This was one incident and it’s questionable how true it is, because no one saw it happen. Everyone has bad days and good days. Tell me you’ve never messed anything up in your life and you’re perfect.‍♀️

  2. Craig

    Amber Heard has been described as the coldest human being on Earth by The Daily Mail columnist, Fiona Phillips in a recent article. I think Fiona Phillips is just looking for “Head Lines” shame one you. If Depp is got another lawsuit for pinching someone. Does that not tell you something about the person and if Amber Heard is not saying anything and is the coldest human being on Earth and not taking she might be in shock and needs to be cared for or at least asked if she is ok!

    • Gina

      Of course shes in shock, she really thinks herself self so important and influential that no-one would give a hoot about all the things she said snd did yo depp, narcissist will be shook when they realise they cannot manipulate anyone and everyone

  3. Hy

    Heard was medically overweight before she starved herself and used drugs to get thin. She was also most likely bulimic. Google Amber Heard red knuckles.

    She is medically overweight now. She’s also aging badly, The hollowed, dark eyes, the bags under her eyes, the dull complexion, the Crows feet and forehead wrinkles, the overprocessed hair, the horrible plastic surgery including those awful cheek implants which makes her face look wide and square with the extra fat, Juvederm to fill out her acne scars (see photos of her with acne scars), her nose job where you can see the scars in our nostrils (Google Amber Heard nose job scars), her eyebrow lift which you can tell has expired by now, by the way she forces her eyebrows up all the time to keep her eyelids from drooping, her weird lip job, the heavy makeup, the medications she needs… All these things make her face look even fatter/worse than it actually is with the weight gain.

    As far as her character is concerned, the jury the judge and the entire world didn’t believe a word she said. She is not a psychopath, but a Sociopath who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder. And no she does not suffer from Fat Girl Syndrome, she is actually at this point fat, medically. ANY DOCTOR WOULD TELL HER TO LOSE AT LEAST 25 TO 30 LBS.


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