Amber Heard Accused Of Blackmailing James Wan


Amber Heard has reportedly been blacklisted from Hollywood after she reportedly blackmailed James Wan (lots of ‘reportedly’s in that sentence). This report comes to us from Pop Topic, and I have to say this could be terrible for the actress if this report turns out to be true. I have so many questions, and I’m sure that you do too. Let’s try and answer all of them right here, right now.

Amber Heard starred in James Wan’s Aquaman movie, and she is still attached to star in the sequel, Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom. There were so many reports suggesting that Heard had been recast in the movie as Mera. There were reports that Warner Bros. Pictures was doing everything it could to get rid of her. We were informed that some Warners executives wanted to bring Emilia Clarke into the sequel as Mera. However, they never actively reached out to the actress for the role.

Is Amber Heard really blackmailing James Wan?


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So, what’s the story here between Heard and James Wan? Well, it’s being reported that Heard and James Wan might have slept together, and she’s reportedly using that fact to black-mail Wan. Here’s what an anonymous source reportedly told Pop Topic about Heard and Wan’s relationship: “I am almost positive she slept with him, but I’m even more certain that Aquaman 2 will be the last Hollywood movie you’ll ever see Amber Heard in, Hollywood has blacklisted her.”

There is a lot about these claims that sound a bit odd to me, but there’s also precedent here as far as Heard is concerned. She has a history of tying herself to powerful men in both Hollywood and society in general. Two names that come to mind are Johnny Depp and Elon Musk. She married Johnny Depp and had a pretty public relationship with Elon Musk. It was even reported that she had an affair with Elon whilst she was married to Depp.

How is she still part of Aquaman 2?

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However, Pop Topic’s report goes a step further. Their source states that James Wan is the only reason why Heard is still in Aquaman 2. Here’s what they stated in the article:

The studio has wanted her gone since before the trial. She’s a terrible actress. They tried to execute a clause in a contract which would have gotten her fired, but James Wan fought to keep her in. So, the executives decided to just limit her role in the entire film by cutting her screen time to just 10 minutes.

The source added: “Again, James Wan fought to restore her scenes. Something about his artistic direction and what-not.” There’s a lot to mull over here. Again, I am not 100% certain about the claims that Amber and James Wan actually had a sexual relationship. However, it has to be stated that it does seem as though Wan is the real reason why Heard is still in the picture. DC Films’ President, Walter Hamada did reveal during his deposition for the Johnny Depp defamation trial that there were concerns about Heard’s lack of chemistry with the film’s lead, Jason Momoa, whilst filming the first Aquaman movie. He even revealed that they did consider recasting the role.

Is Heard being protected


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There really does seem to be something, or someone, who is protecting Heard. I honestly don’t know why she’s still in the Aquaman sequel. It’s even more bizarre since it was revealed that the movie’s producers were having doubts about her in the movie. There’s also all the bad press surrounding her and the fact that she ended up losing the defamation trial to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp.

What do you make of this report? Do you believe that Amber Heard is blackmailing James Wan? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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