Disney Plus To Merge With Another Streaming Service


Disney Plus and Hulu are apparently going to become one streaming service in the not-so-distant future. At least, this is Bob Chapek’s grand plan. This news comes to us via Deadline who’s reporting that Chapek wants to make Disney+ and Hulu one combined streaming platform once the Comcast buyout is complete.

This is actually quite interesting, and I believe it to be a very sensible move. Hulu seems to only be available in the United States. Do correct me if I’m wrong on that one. I do know for a fact that the streaming service is no available in France and in the United Kingdom. I live between both countries, and Hulu isn’t a thing in either of them. What we get is all the Hulu stuff is released on Disney_ STAR, which is their sort of 18+ section of the streamer.

Disney Plus and Hulu to become one big streaming platform


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One of the Hulu shows that I’ve been watching on Disney+ STAR has been Only Murders In The Building, and I thought that season two was terrific. I also thought that it was great getting to watch it on Disney+ at no extra cost, I don’t have to fork out any more money for a subscription to yet another streaming platform. That’s always nice. However, I do have a feeling that once the two streamers merge, then the price for Disney+ will go up by at least a few pounds a year.

Anyway, what did Chapek actually reveal about this upcoming – or planned – merger? He spoke about it at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia & Tech Conference. Disney’s CEO noted that while Hulu has been operated by Disney since 2019, combining it with Disney+ will have to wait until their buyout of Comcast is complete. Basically, Comcast’s financial interests in the service need to have come to an end.

What could this new streaming platform be called?

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This is all under the terms of a deal reached by the companies when the House Of Mouse acquired 21st Century Fox. The House Of Mouse can complete the buyout of Comcast starting in 2024. So, this means that we’re going to have a wait a few years before we get to see Disney+ and Hulu become one  That said, Chapek did reveal that he “would love to” execute the buyout sooner. However, he also revealed that Comcast is not in a hurry. Recent estimates have revealed that Hulu’s valuation is currently sitting at $27.5 billion and that number is not likely to decline during an era when streaming assets continue to be prized.

So, this means that Disney+ and Hulu could end up becoming one streaming platform from 2024, but no sooner. As far as what this new streamer would be called, I’m pretty sure Hulu would just end up becoming a part of Disney+. It would probably be presented on the platform the same way as Disney+ STAR, Marvel and Pixar are – as another category on the platform almost.

What do you make of this news? Would you like to see Disney+ and Hulu become one big streaming platform? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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