Moon Knight Season 2 Potential Release Date, Cast, Story & Everything You Need To Know


Moon Knight has just ended on Disney Plus and there are many fans of the show asking what’s going on with Moon Knight Season 2. Is there a Moon Knight Season 2 on the horizon? If so, when will Moon Knight Season 2’s release date and who could star in the second season?

These are all questions we’re going to try to answer in this article. However, I will let you know right now that not all the answers are out there at the moment. That said, we will update this article as soon as we get any new information on Moon Knight Season 2 on Disney Plus.

Is Moon Knight Season 2 happening on Disney Plus?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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The series recently just wrapped up on Disney Plus and we here at Small Screen loved how the show ended. You can check out our thoughts on Moon Knight’s finale in our review right here. One thing we really loved about the show’s ending was the fact that everything wrapped up really nicely. We especially loved the post-credits scene in which we are finally introduced to Jake Lockley.

This is Marc Spector’s third alter-ego, and this guy doesn’t have any qualms about killing people. Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is in an asylum, and he’s being wheeled out to a limousine.

Once he gets into the limousine, we see Khonshu sitting opposite him wearing a suit. He reveals that Marc Spector has a third personality that he didn’t know about. The driver’s window then comes down, and you can see Oscar Isaac’s Jake Lockley all in black and wearing a black cap. He then proceeds to shoot Harrow in the head. I loved this ending, and actually, it sets up a second season of the show quite well.

There has been an update regarding Moon Knight Season 2. Series producer and director, Mohamed Diab, did talk about whether the second season could happen. Whilst responding to a fan on Twitter, Diab clarified that there are currently no discussions about the MCU future of the titular hero, indicating that no movement has been made on a second season:

There is no talk about a future for the character yet but this is soo valid.

When could Moon Knight Season 2’s release date on Disney Plus be?


Credit: Marvel Studios

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That said, there is no word yet on whether Moon Knight Season 2 is actually going to happen on Disney Plus or not. The show’s director, Mohamed Diab did recently open up about whether the show’s been renewed for another season or not.

We don’t know if there’s the next season. Marvel doesn’t go with a conventional way, so even if they like the character and want to extend the world, it could be season 2, it could be a standalone film, or he can join another superhero’s journey. I’m kept in the dark, just like the fans.

Diab also mentioned that they never discussed a potential season 2.

We never discussed it being a season 2, but one day there’s going to be an expansion, but I don’t know what it’s going to look like.

So, it sounds like they have plans on bringing Moon Knight back into the MCU. However, it might not be in a second season of the show. I think that Isaac’s Marc Spector could be involved in a larger series, perhaps a Midnight Suns show.

Who could star in a Moon Knight Season 2?

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One of the show’s stars, Oscar Isaac did mention before that there were no plans for a second season.

You know, I think we approached it as ‘this is the story’. And let’s just put everything out on the table in this story. There are definitely no official plans to continue it. I think it would depend on what the story is.

Isaac then went on to add:

That being said, I love being Steven. I just love it. It’s just like, physically, it’s so much fun to be him. So, you know, if there was a story that really made sense, I’d be happy to be part of it.

So, we could get another season, but what I think is more likely is that Marvel Studios will bring the character into another show or movie. That said, the fact that the show’s proven to be so popular on Disney Plus, Marvel and Disney executives might like to get a second season of Moon Knight made.

What do you make of this feature? Would you like to see Moon Knight Season 2 on Disney Plus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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