Altered Carbon Season 2’s Release Date On Netflix Revealed

Altered Carbon Season 1 came out in 2018 and became one of Netflix’s biggest hits of that year, and we’ve now had a release date for Altered Carbon Season 2.

The show was based on a novel by Richard Morgan which came out back in 2002 and the show really shocked people with the crazy cyberpunk world in which it was set.

The premise of the show is a detective, Takeshi Kovacs, who can transfer his consciousness into different bodies.

The character in the first season was played by Swedish actor Joel Kinnaman, yet he won’t be in Season 2.

Kovacs will be played by Anthony Mackie in Season 2, and I love the fact that different actors will get to play the same character in each season.

We’ve had to wait a while to find out when Altered Carbon Season 2’s release date will be, and we now know that it’ll be landing on the streaming network on February 27th, 2020.

This was revealed in a cool new teaser posted on Altered Carbon’s Twitter account.

Altered Carbon Season 2 now has a release date

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We don’t know much about what will happen in Altered Carbon Season 2, yet we do know that Mackie will be playing Kovacs and that’s about it.

This new teaser basically reveals nothing about what will actually happen in the second season, which is a bit frustrating.

However, Altered Carbon’s creator Laeta Kalogridis revealed during an interview that they want to explore the psychological and social implications of being able to change your body.

This sounds like a pretty cool idea and it does look like this Netflix is going to explore some really different and interesting themes.

What will happen in Altered Carbon Season 2?


Altered Carbon Season 2’s release date has been revealed – Credit: Netflix

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Here’s what Altered Carbon’s creator Laeta Kalogridis had to say about Season 2 and the themes they want to explore in the show moving forward.

The idea that this kind of technology creates interesting intersections between your idea of your physical self and your idea of your inner or spiritual self, or your idea of being fluid in some way, certainly the idea of reassigning your gender, becomes a whole lot easier if you don’t actually have to do it surgically. At the very least it becomes different. You are still in a body you weren’t born in.

And I think exploring the idea of being able to recreate the physical self in another different way, I mean we’ve barely scratched the surface of that. And LGBTQ, and so many issues and the ways in which we feel comfortable or uncomfortable in our physical bodies, are things that I think the show is very right to explore but has not yet been able to do. Certainly first season. We touched on it a little bit — but not much.

What do you make of this? Are you looking forward to watching Altered Carbon Season 2 on Netflix and can you believe its release date is so close?

Let us know in the comments below.

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