Zendaya Reportedly Starring In A The Fly Reboot


Marvel’s Spider-Man star Zendaya is said to be getting the lead role in a The Fly reboot. David Cronenberg’s version of The Fly has been an icon of sorts. The 1986 movie in which Jeff Goldblum starred alongside Geena Davis stood out because of its amazing special effects.

The story focuses on a scientist named Seth Brundle played by Goldblum who is studying teleportation using “telepods.” As he tests the experiment himself, he doesn’t realise that a housefly has entered the telepod with him. This results in a disastrous effect that doesn’t manifest until later into the film. Brundle slowly transforms into a mutated giant fly.

It had 8 nominations at various award ceremonies and won four of them including Best Horror Film in the Saturn Awards. It was even included in Time Magazine’s All-TIME 100 Greatest Movies in 2005.

The film was so successful that 20th Century wanted to make a sequel as soon as possible. In 1989 The Fly II was released, but almost all of the original cast did not return, nor did the director. The sequel was considered a flop.

Zendaya to possibly star in The Fly Reboot

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Regardless, a remake or a reboot was still in the making. In 1990, Geena Davis was said to be involved in a possible sequel which disregarded The Fly II. In 2003 it was announced that a reboot was in the works for Fox Searchlight Pictures. In 2011 Cronenberg himself suggested a possible spiritual sequel to his 1986 film.

Still, nothing has moved forward until recently. According to Giant Freakin Robot, Zendaya will play the scientist who is studying teleportation in a reboot of the classic The Fly.

It is an interesting twist to learn that the Euphoria lead star will be the one who will be transforming into the mutant fly. Can you imagine this beauty icon slowly transforming into something grotesque? That is one of the reasons why the 1986 version of The Fly got a lot of attention.

And it is also something to note that the actress hasn’t done anything close to a horror film. So, this could really diversify her range of acting. It is unknown if the film will be a sequel or a full reboot.

The report also indicates that J.D. Dillard will be directing the film. He’s known for making Jonathan Major’s Devotion which was released in 2022 in which Majors starred with Glen Powell. Devotion had very positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. He’s also known for Sweetheart (2019) and Sleigh (2016) which also received highly positive reviews.

No official word from 20th Century or Disney yet. Until then, this is at the moment, a rumour.

Spider-Man Star Zendaya To Lead In The Fly Reboot

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This report fascinates me because I am a fan of the 1986 film. It was unforgettable for me, and I think the movie is still fantastic today. It’s even amazing to me that this film was under Mel Brooks’ own production called Brooksfilms. Brooks himself is known for making comedies like Spaceballs, History of the World: Part I and The Producers.

But even though I am a fan of Cronenberg’s film, I do also believe it needs an update. With the popularity of reboots and sequels these days, I think this one deserves it.

The 1986 film was actually a remake of an earlier film with the same title. The 1957 film starred Al Hedison, Patricia Owens, Vincent Price and Hebert Marshall. The film is based on a short story written by George Langelaan which first appeared in the 1957 June issue of Playboy Magazine.


Credit: 20th Century Studios

While the original 1957 film immediately transformed the scientist into a half-man half-fly creature, what made the 1986 film stand out is the slow transformation. Cronenberg is known for the body horror genre especially with Scanners, Videodrome and Dead Ringers.

Cronenberg’s film was so iconic that it was even made into an opera in Paris at the Théâtre du Châtelet which also commissioned the adaptation. The director even returned to direct the opera.

It’s not going to be easy to make a reboot since the bar is a bit high, especially in the special effects department. Even with the new technology now somehow CGI, if not handled properly can look worse than the source it was based on. J.D. Dillard and Zendaya have a lot to prove to make this a worthy successor to Cronenberg’s The Fly.

Zendaya will star in upcoming films with Challengers and Dune: Part Two.

What do you think of Zendaya taking the lead in The Fly reboot? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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