Zack Snyder Says Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Fits Into His DC Universe


Zack Snyder has revealed that Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam does indeed fit into the DC Universe that he was creating back when he was making his DC movies. He revealed this during an interview with Tyrone Magnus on his YouTube channel.

Now, full disclosure, this interview took place around about this time last year, but it does bring up an interesting point. The point being, where does Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam fit into this DC Universe?

Now that we know that Ben Affleck is returning as Batman in Aquaman 2 and The Flash, what does that mean for Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and the current state of the DCEU?

But, before we get into all of that, let’s go over what Zack Snyder had to say on the matter exactly. Here’s what Snyder had to say about The Rock’s Black Adam:

Yeah no, I mean, I think he could fit in the world, so it’s interesting. In the Flash movie, you’re gonna see my Batman, and… I don’t know.

Where does Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam fit into the DC Universe?


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One of the lines you might remember Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson saying at DC FanDome a few years back was, “the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change.” It does seem like that line is going to come true.

Black Adam is gearing up to be Warner Bros. Pictures’ and DC Film’s most significant release in the upcoming months and years, and it could really alter the course of the DC Universe. However, it could also solidify some of the aspects of Zack Snyder’s DCEU.

We already know that we’ve got Zack’s Batman coming back (that’s Ben Affleck by the way) in Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom and The Flash movie (if that movie ever sees the light of day). There are also rumours that Warner Bros Discovery is desperately trying to get Henry Cavill to return as Superman.

So, if all of that ends up happening, that could mean that Black Adam technically is taking place in Snyder’s DCEU. It does seem as though Johnson is very keen on bringing Cavill back as Superman.

Could Zack Snyder’s DCEU be linked to Black Adam?


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We’ve been hearing rumours for what seems like ages now that Cavill’s Superman and Johnson’s Black Adam will fight in the DC Universe. So, if this ends up happening, then it could mean that Zack’s DCEU isn’t quite dead.

Now, that’s not me saying that Zack will ever return to direct Justice League 2 or any other DC Comics movie. I actually highly doubt that will ever happen. I did say ‘doubt’ by the way. Nothing is impossible.

However, what it would mean is that an element of what Zack created will still be present in the new DC Comics movies, which I think would be nice. He put so much effort into making his movies and I think that deserves to be celebrated and remembered in the new films.

What do you make of this news? Do you think that Black Adam is still linked to the DCEU that was created by Zack Snyder? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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