Matt Reeves Doesn’t Want Superman In His Batman Trilogy


The Batman writer and director, Matt Reeves, has revealed that he’s not very interested in bringing DC Comics’ Superman into his future Batman movies.

Here’s what Reeves had to say during a recent interview with Collider when he was asked whether he’ll ever bring Superman into a future Batman movie:

I suppose it’s not impossible to believe that somewhere down the line they could connect to something else, but that was not my interest in this, and it’s not my interest in what we would do in follow-ups at the moment, either. I feel like the whole point in us working with this incredible cast and this incredible crew to realise this movie that sort of, I really believe, is a fresh and different version of these characters is to pursue every … There are a lot of great characters in the Gotham world and so the idea of leaning into that, that’s really my interest right now

Superman doesn’t really fit into Matt Reeves’ Batman trilogy

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After having seen The Batman the other night, I can completely understand where Reeves is coming from.

The character just wouldn’t make much sense.

Tonally, The Batman just wouldn’t fit a character like Superman.

And, I also think that it would be far more interesting for Reeves to explore Batman’s rogues gallery before delving into Superman.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Matt Reeves’ Batman movies moving forward?

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