Wonder Woman 1984’s First Reactions Are Very Positive

The first reactions to Wonder Woman 1984 are in and they are really quite positive, which is brilliant news. This comes after a whole load of pretty respectable film critics took to Twitter to share their first reactions to the movie.

Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to be released much earlier in the year, however, COVID-19 has really put a dent in 2020’s movie releases. When I say a “dent”, I mean the global pandemic basically K.O’d this year’s cinema releases and caused them to all run for 2021.

Wonder Woman 1984 was pushed to December 25th, 2020, and it’s still technically coming out in cinemas on that date. However, it’s also being released on streaming at the same time. Warner Bros. Pictures decided to put out the movie on HBO Max in the US at the same time as released in cinemas.

They also revealed that they’re releasing all of their 2021 movies on HBO Max at the same time as in cinemas, and this, of course, is because we still do not know what’s happening with the whole pandemic.

Critics really liked Wonder Woman 1984

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Yes, there are vaccines being rolled out, however, we still don’t know whether people will take them and whether people will feel comfortable enough to go to the cinema. I think it’ll take a while before people will feel ok to go back to watching movies in cinemas.

It seems as though Warner Bros. Pictures feels the same way as me, and therefore they have taken the tough decision to release their movies on streaming at the same time as in cinemas. The first movie they’re going to be doing this with is Wonder Woman 1984.

And it sounds as if the movie’s pretty good. At least, if these critics are to be believed. They all took to Twitter after watching the movie and most of the reactions to Patty Jenkins’ film were really positive. This has me very pumped to watch the movie, whenever that may be in Europe.

What do you make of this news? Are you looking forward to watching Wonder Woman 1984 when it comes to streaming or is released in cinemas? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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