When Will Firefly Lane Season 2’s Released Date Be On Netflix?


One of this year’s Netflix’s number one dramas, Firefly Lane (2021) follows two best friends Tully Hart (Katherine Heigl) and Kate Mularkey (Sarah Chalke) as radically diverse young girls living as neighbours on Firefly Lane.

Though raised in complex and contrasting households, the two quickly become best friends.

The show follows Tully and Kate from their teens through to their adult lives in the seventies, and ultimately into their forties.

We pivot through their school lives, families, love lives, secrets and careers, and we happily watch Tully and Kate stick together like glue through all the trials and tribulations life spontaneously hands them.

Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke star in Firefly Lane on Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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Based on a novel of the same name by Kristin Hannah, Greys Anatomy star Katherine Heigl, and Scrubs star, Sarah Chalke make an impressive dynamic duo as childhood best friends, Tully and Kate.

The show is unmistakably aimed at a female audience as we see the world through the lens of the two main characters.

The success of the show is a testament to the relatability of the characters normal everyday lives.

To be clear, there is nothing revolutionary that this show does, other than reflecting realism through life.

Its intention is clearly to present an unadorned world from two differing perspectives.

This includes through the lens of Tully, the daughter of a clearly irresponsible drug addict mother, and Kate who lives with her two parents and brother.

Tully is guarded somewhat by Kate who is from a conventionally neat family, but who have many secrets of their own.

Will there be a Firefly Lane Season 2 on Netflix?


Credit: Netflix

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The show’s creator Maggie Friedman said about Tully and Kate:

They’re only in eighth grade when we leave them. They’ll have a lot of good teen years and fun seventies, growing up times with the great music and the fashions and all of the cultural changes. I think it’s just really interesting. I’d love to keep telling us that those stories and those actors are so good, so of course, I would want to keep seeing them.

We know the two main characters as polar opposites, Tully as the popular pretty, cool girl, who outwardly displays her trauma, and Kate, an unlikely friend with a weird last name, glasses and a deep longing to belong.

Tully’s out of this world character bounces off Kates sweet supportive nature and this makes for interesting TV as they both have a thing for boss Johnny, and for journalism.

Their careers seem to hold hands as they do; Tully on top and Kate consistently assisting in different ways.

However, Kate’s life surprisingly takes the trophy and comes to be fuller than Tully’s as they grow older.

Firefly Lane’s biggest pro is the love stories


Credit: Netflix

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What made the show well-liked is not only the intrigue behind the love stories, the misogyny, the TV career, the affairs but the overall sisterly bond the two main characters have and the randomness of not having any idea what will happen next as the viewer.

The time-lapse from past to future, creates an interesting dynamic as it generates deeper intrigue into certain characters over time for viewers.

Loving Tully and Kate as kids, is just as easy when they are in their twenties, hungry for success and love and again when they are going through struggles in their forties as all normal people do.

The strong seventies theme is nostalgic for many viewers, the songs alone enough to make you sing along and grow closer to the characters.

Coupled with the flashbacks, this show is preserved as original in the quarantine world we’re currently living in.

To witness the pairs important life events, outside of the home, as we used to do also, is exciting and a testament to why this show was so well-loved recently.

There are still so many questions that need to be answered


Credit: Netflix

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Tully’s TV career was on the outs when we left her as she gave up on her show and was planning a comeback her way.

Kate was also waiting for Johnny to return home from reporting in the Middle East. But what happens next?

Why were the two best friends not speaking anymore?

There is much that fans are still questioning and looking forward to understanding.

Ben Lawson who plays Johnny has confirmed promising news that we will see more of him and not just in a flashback.

He confirmed that there’s a lot of unresolved business left between the trio which requires addressing so fans will be pleased to know a reunion, as awkward and painful as it may be, is on the horizon.

Firefly Lane Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed yet by Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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Firefly Lane Season 2 has not been confirmed amidst the finale’s cliff-hanger by Netflix. Tully and Kate’s rift is unexplained and proves distressing for fans who love the pair as a twosome.

If Season 2 is granted, there is much to explore as fans left young Tully and Kate as teens.

Many more years are left to explore and dig through to better understand these complex women’s lives.

Expectations include the two main characters, young and old being played by Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, as well as anticipation for their younger versions to reappear as best friends played by Roan Curtis and Ali Skovbye.

There is talk of Johnny, Marah, Tully’s mother Cloud and Max returning depending on the turn of events, but we just don’t know yet.

2022 is a likely year to see anything more from the show if the eagerly anticipated season two gets the long-awaited green light.

What do you make of this feature? Are you looking forward to seeing Firefly Lane Season 2?

When do you think Firefly Lane Season 2’s release date will be on Netflix?

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