A Firefly Reboot Is Rumoured To Be In The Works And Fans Aren’t Happy About It

It’s being rumoured that a Firefly reboot is in the works for Disney Plus and fans don’t seem to be very happy about it at all. The reports that a Firefly reboot is reportedly in the works came from Giant Freakin’ Robot.

Full disclosure, I am a HUGE Firefly fan. Yes, I know. That might not be something I should be admitting today given all the flack that Joss Whedon has been getting over the years. That said, he made some very good stuff in the past, and that shouldn’t all be erased because of him. A lot of people worked on those shows, and they’re still great fun to watch today.

Anyway, now that Disney has the rights to all of the Fox properties, they also own the rights to the Firefly series. Fans have been clamouring for a Firefly revival for years, but the key word in that phrase is “revival”, not “reboot”. Fans aren’t happy with the idea of the show being rebooted by Disney, and they’re making themselves heard on social media.

Firefly fans do not want Disney to reboot the show



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I’ve been one of those fans asking for Firefly to be brought back, and I completely agree with these fans. I do not think the show should be rebooted. A lot of fans out there would love to see the likes of Nathan Fillion and co. come back to the roles they played so well in the original series and the subsequent film, Serenity.

However, it sounds like Disney is more interested in starting the show from scratch, which does make sense for them. I’m pretty sure they don’t want to bring back the likes of Joss Whedon for this show. So, they’d be more interested in making the show their way.

What do you make of this news? Do you like the idea of Disney rebooting Firefly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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