A Cluedo Animated Series In The Works At Fox


Fox Entertainment, also known as the old 20th Century Fox, has been rather quiet and seemingly going under the radar of late. However, it sounds like they’re working on a Cluedo animated series!

There has been much focus on the huge output of shows being created exclusively for streaming services like Disney Plus, Netflix and HBO Max.

But the studio and network have a great record with animated content, notably the crown jewel and longest-running sitcom and prime-time series in television history, The Simpsons.

Along with Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, Bobs Burgers the list is endless and the award accolades could fill a small house.

With that in mind, it’s with great excitement to note that Fox, are currently deep in development with a Clue (Cluedo for those of us in the UK) animated series.

Working together with Hasbro’s Eone and recent animation studio acquisition Bento Box, audiences will soon be seeing the world of Clue on the small screen.

Colonel Mustard… In The Conservatory? A Cluedo series is coming


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Speaking with Variety, the president of Fox Entertainment, Michael Thorn, was very excited.

‘Colonel Mustard…In the Conservatory…With the lead pipe.’ By just hearing these colourful phrases alone, you immediately know what they mean — leaving no mystery as to why ‘Clue’ is one of the most beloved board games-turned-IP of all time. We couldn’t be more excited to develop it as an animated series along with eOne and Bento Box.

Who can forget the cult classic Clue, starring Tim Curry released in 1985?

The cheesy murder mystery touched upon Clue lore and has continued to be exceedingly popular.

A remake of this film has been rumoured for years most recently with Ryan Reynolds rumoured to be attached the project as recently as February last year.

Okay. Reverend Green.. In The Study?


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Clue/Cluedo, was first published in 1949, by the infamous British board game makers, Waddington’s. Created by English musician Anthony E Pratt and his wife Elva, they originally titled the game ‘Murder’.

It was soon licensed to the Parker Brothers in America after a successful UK launch, the game has gone on to huge success with over 150 million units sold worldwide.

The series has gone on to spawn a hugely successful franchise with spin-off versions (similar to Monopoly), video games, musicals, television game shows, plays and even comics.

While this will be the first time the series has been animated; it isn’t the first time it’s been adapted for television.

In 2011, The Hub (Discovery Family) debuted an original miniseries based on the game, entitled Clue based on the American board game.

The series only lasted for a single season and was geared towards a young teenage audience.

Would you be interested in a Cluedo animated series?

Are you a fan of the film Clue?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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