What We Want To See In The New Line Of Duty Series

It was the announcement that we had all been looking for; Line Of Duty, season six, will be returning on Sunday 21st March at 9 pm on BBC One.

There has been a bit of a wait for the latest installment of the latest season of the popular police corruption drama – but just what do we want to see in the newest series?

First, And Most Importantly, Who Is ‘H’?

line of duty season 6

Credit: BBC

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The topic of who is H has been a key component for the series for a while, now.

One shock twist is that it was more than just one person – in fact, it was a group of corrupt officers, who may or may not have been working together.

The last series was not entirely shocking, as we knew Jill Biggalo had some seriously warped values before that.

But we still have not had this resolved – and the latest trailer ends with the suggestion, ominously, that it may be a woman.

Ted Hastings Should Have More Questions About His Character

Whether or not you’re the biggest fan of Superintendent Hastings – “like the battle” – there have been some questions raised as to whether or not he is fit to lead AC12.

Throughout the series, there have been suggestions he is not, well, up to date with the modern world.

Kate Fleming was told she had to ‘develop her leadership qualities’ more – while her male partner got the promotion – yet won an accommodation for doing exactly that in a time of crisis. (She also now outranks him.)

There is a lack of women within the department, though some improvements have been made.

The “no one is blacker than me” remark has not aged well from an earlier series, too.

There are some questions that need asking about all of this.

Steve Arnott – What About The Fan Theory?

line of duty season 6 bbc

Credit: BBC

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Poor Steve. He has been through it, hasn’t he? Many of us will not forget the blood-curdling scene when he was thrown down several flights of stairs, to land at the bottom in such a horrific way.

Follow the QR code as Digital Spy suggests, and there is an implied suggestion of an addiction to pain killers, possibly linked to his injuries from the fall. (Click here to find out more – as well as to see all the hidden ‘Easter eggs’.)

But fans have suggested he may be shot, if you look closely at some promotional shots.

Will his injuries be having an impact? Who knows.

The ‘Power Struggle’

The power dynamics between individuals are really interesting in all episodes of Line Of Duty.

Owing to the rank hierarchy of policing, the struggle is often really interesting.

AC12 often have to face several levels of disrespect – because of a weird cultural view corruption should be covered up, to not undermine public confidence in policing.

They are often told to ‘play nicely’ with the elders and betters – because ostensibly those outranking you deserve more than just respect.

Kate Fleming and Steve Arnott have been partners at the anti-corruption unit for some time now – but the balance of power between the two in the last season was really quite interesting.

Kate now outranks Steve – and is, effectively, a commanding officer. Could this have the potential to negatively impact any other policing operations?

The Confrontation Scene

line of duty

Credit: BBC

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Prior to the release of the minute and twelve seconds trailer, there was another, quick snapshot.

There seems to have been a police chase – but the iconic duo were also seen in the middle of this major confrontational scene.

What does it mean? Have they gone rogue?

“There is no corruption”

Again, with the cultural view that corruption should be covered up, as not to undermine public confidence in policing; it does not work.

And – say it louder for those in the back – no one is above the law.

One scene shown in the trailer is where Superintendent Hastings boss – an old face from another series – has been newly installed in the ‘top dog’ position.

He is seen at what looks like a press conference saying there is no police corruption within that particular force.

Really? How can any character assert this when one corrupt officer died in a shoot out, or when another stood trial over allegations she was corrupt, that later turned out to be entirely correct?

The former would then shoot the latter in a car, as she had uncovered what he was doing.

Please, some accountability, please.

Old Cast Return – As Does Elements Of Corruption

Line Of Duty

Credit: BBC One

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If you have been watching from the first series – you will have needed to, to have at least some understanding of what is going on when the new series is broadcast – then you will have noted some familiar faces.

There are some cast members that we will all be vaguely familiar with, too.

Corruption is not always a clear cut matter when it comes to Line Of Duty – such as when it comes to historical allegations of child sexual abuse, which at least one series has primarily focused upon.

With the old cast members, there are likely to be elements of corruption in the series – with one woman even claiming that she was being “framed.”

We Need To Talk About *That* Twitter Thread And What On Earth It Means

Think you have seen everything, and all the twists and turns that you thought were possible?

Well, think again – because this time, you are in for a treat.

Digital Spy has decoded all of the major Easter eggs in the upcoming series from the very brief trailer – which you can read here.

But the trailer, one Twitter user has pointed out, is perhaps more innovative than it originally appears.

The QR code on a magazine in the trailer apparently leads you to more clues – including coordinates of a place that seems unconnected to the series so far.

There’s also a new scene, a voicemail, and more. Wanna try? Read the thread. What does it mean?

Line Of Duty – series six – will be broadcast on BBC One on Sunday 21st March at 9pm.


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