Is Martin Scorsese Working On Casino 2?

Martin Scorsese has an undeniable love for gangster movies, from Goodfellas and The Irishman to Casino, and there are now rumours he’s working on Casino 2.

His latest project, Killers of the Flower Moon, also centres on action: a Native American Tribe living peacefully at a place Europeans previously rejected suddenly discovers oil and all hell breaks loose!

Scorsese is making the new film with two of his favourite actors: Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro.

Interestingly, he’s producing the film for Apple and not Netflix—he debuted into streaming services with the latter.

Although Scorsese is now focused on Killers of the Flower Moon, rumours say he might be working on Casino Part II next.

If that’s true, here are some of the things it could revolve around.

Casino Gaming

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It goes without saying that Casino II would centre on gambling entertainment.

The original film was an adaptation of a real-life story. De Niro’s character, Sam, was based on Frank Rosenthal—leader of the Las Vegas mafia in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Ginger, the socialite played by Sharon Stone was inspired by Geri McGee, a Las Vegas showgirl and model.

On the flip side, Joe Pesci’s “Nicky” character was based on mob henchman Anthony Spilotro.

Scorsese takes plenty of inspiration from the mob.

So, there’s a big chance Casino II would continue where the original stopped.

Alternatively, it could focus on a different group of mobsters.

Considering the time gap between the original and a potential part two, the latter makes more sense.

The way Casino (1995) ended also had a definitive conclusion, meaning there were no plans to ever produce a sequel at the time.


casino 2

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Is there a Martin Scorsese movie not rocked by corruption?

From Goodfellas and The Irishman to Casino and even Killers of the Flower Moon, every Scorsese movie features the vice of corruption.

Fortunately, corruption would fit right in with a sequel to casino.

If it were to be something like the original, Casino II would focus on ruthless mobsters stealing money from players, torturing employees and racketeering.

It is unlikely Casino II would attempt modern-day online gambling.

Producing a film based o Internet-based casino rings wouldn’t provide much room for depicting corruption akin to Las Vegas casinos.

Don’t get it wrong, though.

The online gambling business isn’t without flaws.

But thanks to immense regulations and endless comparison guides, rooting out corrupt businesses is easy.

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If it’s a Scorsese movie, you can be assured there will be action.

Luckily, The Irishman’s director doesn’t just feature meaningless violence.

It’s done to progress a story. Rather, there must be a reason any torture or murder scene, whether justified or not.

Of course, there can’t be violence in a casino without corruption, unless Scorsese plans to release a flick about robbing a casino.

In that case, Martin likes to involve native tribes in his films, meaning it would be an attack on a tribe-owned establishment.

With that in mind, Scorsese is known for doing part II’s and not sequels.

So, if he were to release Casino II, it would have to be inspired by the original.

Favourite Actors to Reappear


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Martin Scorsese is one of the most loyal directors out there.

And he’s showed that time and again to De Niro, DiCaprio, Joe Pesci and Verna Bloom.

Unfortunately, Bloom has since passed on.

Nonetheless, Scorsese has plenty of options.

In the usual style, De Niro plays the villain and DiCaprio chimes as one of his young relative or employee.

Of course, the Titanic actor has also starred as the main man in a few Scorsese movies: The Wolf of Wall Street, and The Aviator, to be precise.

Does it matter that Scorsese likes to work with the same group of actors?

It has worked pretty well for the director in the past.

Besides, Scorsese chooses actors people like and they almost always turn his projects into masterpieces.

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A Famous Novel Adaptation


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As mentioned, Scorsese has a fascination with underground criminal enterprises.

And guess what? He also loves to draw inspiration from novels.

Let’s start with Gangs of New York (2002).

It was the title of a book by Herbert Asbury became it became a movie.

Bringing out the Dead (1999) was also inspired by a novel by Joe Connely.

Another Scorsese film lifted from a book is Shutter Island (2010).

The original novel was written by Dennis Lehane.

Then there’s Casino, which was based on Nicholas Pileggi’s Casino: Love and Honor in Las Vegas.

To provide some context, close to half of Scorsese’s movies were inspired by a novel or his personal interests.

Between the two options, a movie based on a book makes the most sense for Scorsese.

It’s something he loves, has done in the past and succeeded.

A Long Film

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Scorsese is already warning his fans not to watch Killers of the Flower Moon on a phone.

The flick will come out in March, so his appeal will probably have reached most of his fans.

That said, The Irishman is still his longest film to date.

Some people have an issue with Scorsese’s movies due to their lengths alone.

But he isn’t the only director that seems to favour long films, especially in recent years.

Avengers: Endgame was three years long.

Infinity War was two hours and 40 minutes while Captain Marvel also exceeded the two-hour mark.

Being a growing trend, it’s highly likely Casino II will also be a long flick.

It’s something Scorsese favours and what he will most certainly provide.

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