What Did Game Of Thrones Teach Us About Sales?


Did we learn anything from HBO’s hit TV show, Game Of Thrones?

Sales are a crucial part of all businesses, irrespective of their size. This is because the goal of every business is to make a profit through sales. So whether it’s a large enterprise or small business, sales are the backbone of all businesses. This means that every lesson in sales and marketing comes in handy for you, whether you run a B2C or B2B business, to ensure you can reach out more effectively to prospects and potential customers.

Sales are dynamic, and the market is constantly changing, so your sales team must also be ready to change and keep up with both market trends and industry trends. Finally, to be effective, they must be willing to learn valuable strategies and attributes from different sources, even unlikely sources.

One of such unlikely sources that your sales team can learn from is the Game of Thrones series. This series spanned for many years and is a globally successful show. However, as mentioned by assignment help UK, apart from the entertainment offered in the different seasons, it also had several insightful tips that are useful for business growth and personal development. Some of these tips are important for your business’s sales team, and they can learn from them to improve your business sales. Some of these lessons from Game of Thrones are discussed below.

1. Give more time to preparation


Credit: HBO

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The Night King ensured that his army remained focused on their objective and continued to prepare to execute it, even when the competitors were distracted by internal unrest. He leveraged a land where there’s always winter to prepare his army and hone their skills. The goal of this continued preparation was to ensure that his team could execute the tasks and drive towards their goal whenever the opportunity showed up.

This is an attribute that a sales team must adopt to be highly effective. Your team must continue to learn, hone their skills, and leverage tools to prepare themselves to engage clients and prospects whenever the opportunity arises. This ensures that they’re always up to speed with the latest industry trends, product innovations, and developments both internally and externally that they can leverage to improve sales. So when the opportunity arises to win over a big client or prospect, they’re not caught unaware and unprepared.

2. Be innovative

The Night King faced a barrier – The Wall – which he knew wasn’t easy to surpass. To beat this barrier, he must continue to innovate and think of how his team would overcome this barrier and achieve his long-term goal (to eradicate sunburns and dominate the world). For him, adopting a powerful asset such as a giant ice dragon was an innovative approach to reaching his goals. It was crucial for him because it may determine his success or failure to accomplish his goals. This innovation helps him overcome the barriers holding him from victory.

According to assignment help UK, there’s a famous quote by Jon Alderwade, a renowned businessman who goes: “there’s no progress without innovation.” This is a true saying that all sales teams must understand, and The Night King in Game of Thrones proved it.

Your sales team must learn to innovate constantly towards the team’s and company’s goals. Innovation is crucial to sales, and sales are crucial for the company’s growth. So the team must learn to think outside of the box to develop creative ways to break down the walls and barriers of the sales.

3. Know your competition

game-of-thrones gwendoline christie the sandman Netflix

Credit: HBO

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This is a common phrase and a buzzword for many marketing and sales teams. However, it’s also a crucial lesson from Game of Thrones. The lesson, this time, is from Arya Stark. She’s a young lady that rarely had the odds in her favor yet always came out victorious. She was victorious, from picking up swords as a child instead of toys to losing her sight. Her success against the odds stems from her ability to study her competition well. Once she knows her competition, she combines the insights with her experience and uses them in her favor.

This is a trick that your sales team must also adopt. According to some essay writing services, knowing your market and competition allows you to make winning moves at crucial times to put your business at the forefront of sales.

4. Be more logical and less emotional

Jon Snow always found himself in difficult situations because he didn’t learn to act logically. He was almost too emotional with his decisions and actions, which eventually cost him his life. This is a lesson to hold on to in business. You must take away emotions from business and sales and be more critical and logical in your thinking and situation-handling.


Not many shows offer so much entertainment and so many lessons simultaneously, but not many shows are game of thrones. So these are some of the lessons to learn. Perhaps, if you look back to other events in the show with this knowledge, you’ll be able to learn some more.


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