Looking At 2022’s Women In Gaming Diversity & Employee Wellbeing Awards


Gaming and online gaming has always, largely, been seen as a male pastime – and an industry which is run by men. In 2022, that is very much no longer the case as more and more women are entering the field. Women like Tracy Fullerton and Yoko Kanno have been cutting a swathe through the video game industry for a while and, a distinct female presence is also making itself heard in the online casino world.  To celebrate our online gaming female champions, let’s take a look at the 2022 Women In Gaming (WIG) Diversity & Employee Awards.

Women In Gaming – going strong for over a decade


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The Women In Gaming Awards have now been running for 12 years and, were created to recognise the important role that women play in the gaming industry.  Director of Clever Duck Media, Lana Thompson, says, ‘Diversity is not just a priority, but should be part of the culture in our industry. We are very proud of promoting gender gaps in technology and female leader roles and, we believe, we are ready to recognise some outstanding diversity efforts we have witnessed in our industry.  

Winners of the 2021 awards include the following:

Jennifer Bowman – Outstanding Contribution

Fabienne Bourgaize (Eyecon) – B2B Excellence Award

Barbara Batari (Just for the win) – Employee Of The Year

The 2022 Awards

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This year, the awards will be held on Tuesday the 10th of May at London’s Savoy Hotel and, the organisers are delighted to be able to, one again, hold the event in real life rather than online. Nominees will be chosen from a number of different sectors and, winners will be announced in the evening. 


In 2022, inclusion and diversity are more important than ever before and, the WIG Awards provide incredibly important recognition of the work carried out by women in the gaming world – and we look forward to getting a sneak peek at this year’s winners. 


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