WarnerMedia CEO Claims Walter Hamada Offered Ray Fisher The Role Of Cyborg In The Flash Movie

WarnerMedia’s Ann Sarnoff has come out and claimed that Walter Hamada did actually offer Ray Fisher the role of Cyborg in The Flash movie.

She revealed this during a recent interview with Variety in which she revealed quite a lot of stuff.

During this interview, which should have been a piece praising and celebrating the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, Sarnoff praised Walter Hamada instead.

She also went on to say that the David Ayer cut of Suicide Squad is basically never going to see the light of day.

And then, she added that Hamada did offer Ray Fisher a part in the upcoming The Flash movie, which I’m pretty sure Fisher will have something to say about.

Walter Hamada reportedly offered Ray Fisher a role in The Flash movie

The Flash Movie Delayed Again Warner bros DC Universe films

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Here’s what Ann Sarnoff said during her interview with Variety:

Walter had nothing to do with “Justice League.” He was not running DC Films in 2017 when “Justice League” was completed and released. He wasn’t put in charge of DC Films until the following year. About a year ago, Walter, [Warner Bros. Pictures Group head] Toby Emmerich, me, [former WarnerMedia chairman] Bob Greenblatt, [former HBO Max content chief] Kevin Reilly, and [HBO Max original programming head] Sarah Aubrey sat around the table with Zack and green-lit the Snyder cut. That cut includes Ray Fisher’s entire story as Cyborg, which is something that he had been disappointed had been cut from the Justice League movie three years ago. Perhaps we’ve lost the plot a little bit which is that Toby and Walter were part of the green-lighting that allowed Zack’s vision to come to life, which includes sharing the full story about Ray’s character. There really was nothing that Walter did against Ray, in fact he offered him a role in the Flash movie.]

What do you make of all of this?

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