Warner Bros. Can’t Fire Amber Heard From Aquaman 2 Due To Her Contract

It’s been revealed that Warner Bros. Pictures can’t actually fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 even if they wanted to. It all has to do with her contract which means that we will be getting her playing Mera in Aquaman 2.

There are a lot of people out there who really do not want Amber Heard to star in Aquaman 2. There’s even a petition on Change.org which has now hit well over one million signatures demanding that Warner Bros. have her removed from the movie.

Well, it looks like we won’t be seeing Warner Bros. fire her any time soon. One of the reasons could have to do with her contract which makes it very difficult for the movie studio to have her fired from the movie.

Warner Bros. Pictures can’t fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2 even if they wanted to

Amber Heard Mera Aquaman 2

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Here’s what Screen Rant wrote about Warner Bros. Pictures not being able to fire Amber Heard from Aquaman 2:

Warner Bros. cannot fire Heard for the same reasons they could not fire Depp. Typically it is impossible for a studio to break their contract with an actor unless criminal charges have been filed against them. While the court of public opinion may have found Heard guilty of being abusive toward her former husband, the teaming masses have no power in an American civil or criminal court. Likewise, the studio cannot ask Heard to step down as they did Depp, as there has been no civil judgement against her.

What do you make of this story? Do you think Amber Heard should be fired from Aquaman 2 or not? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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      • Anonymous

        Are you that fucking stupid that you can’t read or understand a comment? Depp has had no criminal charges filed against him, he was involved in a civil suit against a British tabloid. This is all public knowledge and information. So I don’t know why you’re talking about people not knowing what happened in their relationship. There’s audio of her admitting that she hit him. So how about you shut the fuck up about things you apparently have no knowledge of? WB asked Depp to step down despite having no charges filed against him. If he had it would be public knowledge 15 mins after it happened. So yeah, if they were able to do that with him they can do it with her. If they choose not to it’s because WB is too pussy because of whatever bullshit optics they’re afraid it will have because a bunch of dumb hypocrites will claim WB is victim blaming despite the fact that there’s audio evidence and witness testimonies that Amber was the abuser in the relationship.

    • aaron

      Bullshit… I would always watch drive angry just to see her boyfriend bust her face in … Boycott the movie when the ratings flop then wb fink they have no choice to fire her sorry ass

    • maria anna mavromichalis

      I totally agree but even though Johnny Depp stepped down from his role because he was asked to he still got paid & amber turd is too much of a textbook narcissist that she wouldn’t even consider stepping down even if they were to pay her the $2 million paycheck which in my opinion shouldn’t go to her since she lost the case against Johnny & owes him $1 million & she lost the case against her insurance company as well !!! there must be something else going on in the background of wb & amber fuckin turd!!! that they are afraid she will come up with some lies against them!!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    It’s bullshit they just don’t want to fire her but when their movie flops which I hope it does they will have spent millions for nothing and they deserve it they are a waste of space and so is that bitch Amber

  2. James

    They can ask her to resign. There’s no contract saying they can’t ask her to. Plus the civil decision against Depp wasn’t providing he’s a wife beater it was about if the pos sun could say he was.

    • maria anna mavromichalis

      they asked Johnny to step down & he did out of respect but he still got paid $16 million textbook narcissistic sociopathic amber fuckin turd would never even consider stepping down even if they pay her the $2 million !!! & on the other hand wb deserves to have an epic bomb of this movie if they say they dont consider the pressure of the fans to remove her!!! because they dont respect the money paying fans who are the only reason these movies make millions in the box office ! they could make more than the 1st movie with Emilia Clarke so I hope the other actors sue the turd out of wb if they get a % of the boxoffice & it flops because of the demonic abusive turd!!! she will never get another movie after this & she knows it !!! & she’s enjoying all this publicity because it keeps her relevant !!! I for one haven’t watched anything that wb has put out for years!!!! and the same goes for disney !!!!! I’m also thinking she’s blackmailing them because she slept her way in staying in the movie!!!! by giving into her they just give her power she doesn’t deserve !!!!!she deserves to rot in a filthy cage for all her crimes in Australia ,England & the United States!!! she’s too cocky & will fuck up again!!!!! it’s in her nature !!!she’s a dirty pig that needs to be forgotten!!!!

  3. Badwolf137

    The usual double standards because she has tits and ass, personally thought the first was the same as what she left in the bed sheets so won’t be rushing to watch a second… Sorry WB but you chose the wrong side in this one….

  4. Anonymous

    If they can drop depp then they can get shot of her. I won’t be watching anything she is in and I’m very disappointed in the way depp has been treated , he’s made Warner brothers an absolute fortune . Get her out

  5. Charlotte

    That’s really frustrating to hear. Like previous comments say, boycott the movie. Hopefully soon enough nobody will want to hire her. She’s not exactly famous because of her acting skills anyway!

  6. Miss Laura Singleton

    It’s Jason Momoa I feel sorry for. His movie is gonna bomb because of this nasty abusive person. She should do the right thing and step down but she won’t cause all she cares about is herself! I sincerely doubt anyone will employ her after this. She is literally hated by millions.

  7. Patric Stretton

    She is the worst thing in the movie, by a million miles. If they can’t fire her, then they should have her in one scene for the whole movie. She shat in someone’s bed, how can any studio not to something on that bases. Also JD has earn WB billions, there has to be some loyalty.

  8. emz

    Christ.I know I will have the unpopular opinion.Amber heard can’t get fired due to her contract.if Warner Bros says she can’t get fired sooo she can’t. Plus she had proof that she was abused,well if it is “real”.Also if the other party (Depp) had proper proof that she had dessicated his bed or that she had abused him.(im not saying that she didn’t). It’s abit he said she said. People cannot boycott Aquaman 2 because there is alot of people that worked or will work on this move. Plus what is happening now with Covid. And you can’t made people on the move to force her to push her out off the movie, because it will make them look bad.

    With people saying that she is a woman that she is a bitch, a gold digger or any other degrading words people can say about her. People on the Internet can say what they like, because they are sitting behind a screen, you won’t say it in front of her face. If you do it will be in a massive crowd.

    Why just why. People don’t think before they speak or type in down on a keyboard. The last time people was bashing and being absolute @ssoles,they committed suicide. It makes me sooo angry.

  9. Anonymous

    She won the case, I get that people like Johnny (so do I) but there must have been enough evidence provided. When it comes down to it, it was a domestic, they were bad for each other and obviously had some drug fueled arguments. Should it have ever gone so far as to go to court? Probably not, should she be fired because he started a libel case so things came to light? Certainly not. Enough with the sexist attitude, both parties were at fault, there obviously isn’t enough evidence for criminal charges and she obviously had a case. Fair or unfair this has nothing to do with her work so you would boycott a movie because you don’t like one actress in it?

  10. S Smith

    By saying Amber Heard should be fired, most of you sound ridiculous. This case in your everyday life. Domestic argument ….your place of employment. Both of you working same company. Should it be your employers place to fire either of you …or fire both ? J S

    • Anonymous

      Yes, but people wouldn’t be saying she should be fired or replaced if the same thing hadn’t happened to Johnny. If both parties are to blame, they might aswell be treated equally.

  11. Anonymous

    if amber heard is in aquaman 2, ill be waiting for hbo…wb didnt fire that ezra douche with video evidence of him? slamming a woman on the ground so im not buying a ticket to flash either, so whatever…just keep ignoring fans and dig your own grave deeper wb.

  12. Ana

    I will not watch Aquaman 2 and all WB where this bitch show her ugly face.
    If this bitch Amber is paying someone to make the fans worry about her, then don’t hang it all up. I am not paid, I am for justice.
    #justiceforjohnnydepp #boycottwarnerbrothers

  13. Anonymous

    I will boycott anything this woman is in. I used to love WB but now they picked the wrong whore, I mean horse to back!!!

  14. maria

    this is bullshit!!!! they fired Henry Cavill & gal gadot & they had contracts !!!! I can understand the decision of the flash because Ezra miller is the star!! I’m not saying he doesn’t deserve to be fired for his criminal actions but at least he is seeking the psychological help he needs but amber heard on the other hand will just ruin Aquaman 2 not just for wb but for the other actors in the movie!! its not fair to them or to the fans they can ask her to be removed from the movie & they could pay her the $2 million & just replace her with Emilia Clarke & basically guarantee the movie could make money in the box office to satisfy the other actors in the movie as well & in my opinion with Emilia they could make more than the first Aquaman because of their on screen history from game of thrones!!! & I hear that Henry Cavill & gal gadot will be suing wb for breaking their contracts amber turd doesn’t have that luxury & she ruined her reputation so bad it wouldn’t even be worth it for her this is the double standard hypocrisy bullshit in the Hollywood cesspool that allow these self righteous actors the right to do as they please without thinking of others!!!!!!

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