WandaVision Finale’s Post-Credits Scene Explained


So, WandaVision’s Finale landed on Disney Plus today, and people just can’t stop talking about how the show ended and its post-credits scene.

However, another thing people have been asking themselves is what was that WandaVision post-credit scene was all about.

Before in continue, I’d like to just make sure that you all know that I am going to be discussing SPOILERS for WandaVision’s finale in this article.

You’ve been warned.



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So, what happened in this post-credits scene in WandaVision’s finale?

I have to say that this post-credits scene is one of the strangest and maybe the scariest I’ve ever seen in the MCU.

The scene starts off with a shot of snow-covered mountains and a lake.

The camera then zooms in on a cabin in front of the lake and we can see Wanda Maximoff sitting in front of the cabin’s door.

She then gets up and goes into the cabin.

Inside, the cabin is very bare and you can see a stove on which sits a coffee pot.

However, the camera then leads us into the bedroom, and in there we can see Scarlet Witch suspended in mid-air surrounded by red glowing energy.

She’s reading the book that Agatha Harkness was using in WandaVision: the Darkhold.

The Scarlet Witch is using her powers to turn the book’s pages.

We then hear the voices of Wanda Maximoff’s children: Billy and Tommy.

“Mom, help. Help! Please,” they’re screaming, and it’s a truly terrifying scene.

That’s when the scene ends, but what does this mean, and what is actually going on?

WandaVision’s Finale post-credit scene seems to tease Doctor Strange 2


Credit: Marvel Studios

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So, this scene seems to be suggesting – to me at least – that Wanda Maximoff is still searching for her children.

I think she is learning from the Darkhold (which isn’t really something she should be doing, to be honest), and then hears her children who seem to be in pain.

I believe this will carry on into Doctor Strange 2 (Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness) and Scarlet Witch could be the one who ends up opening up the MCU to the Multiverse.

She might do this in order to save her children who might still exist somewhere in the Multiverse.

I’ve heard some people suggest that they are actually trapped in the ‘Hell Dimension’, which would be really cool.

However, I’m not sure if Marvel Studios will actually call it that because China doesn’t allow any sort of content into their territory which references Hell or the Devil.

That might also be why we didn’t see Mephisto in WandaVision.


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