Unreleased Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too Movie Leaked

Unreleaaed Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too Movie Leaked

The cancelled Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too full-length movie has leaked online, and Warner Bros is trying to stop it from spreading. Ever since WarnerMedia was bought by Discovery and was renamed Warner Bros. Discovery, we’ve been hearing so many cancellations left and right. Movies or TV shows, nothing was safe.

The most famous ones that really got people riled up were DC Films’ Batgirl and Scoob! Holiday Haunt. Of course, there are more. This included Scooby-Doo and Krypto Too, which the cancellation was announced back in September 2022. These projects were either close to completion or were already completed.

Warner Bros Discovery used the films for its tax write-offs, which could save the company some funds. But this also makes the movies deemed unavailable for public viewing. This pretty much was heart-wrenching for many, especially for the people who were looking forward to watching the movies and TV shows.

But would these movies get out at some point?

Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too Leaked Online

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A report from TorrentFreak informs us that the entirety of the movie, which is 78 minutes long, has been spreading around the piracy sites just a few days ago. Because of this, Warner’s anti-piracy team has been on high alert, trying to stop any site from distributing the film.

Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too seems to be set in the same continuity as the animated series Legion of Superheroes, which aired from 2006 to 2007. The film also featured characters like Superman, The Joker, Harley Quinn, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and the Legion of Superheroes themselves.

The animated movie had a fantastic cast too. Frank Welker, Matthew Lillard, Kate Micucci, Nolan North, Tara Strong and many more. Although we do have to admit that this casting is not new to Scooby Doo movies, it’s just disappointing that their work can’t be officially released. It’s interesting to know that the film is actually done.

No one really knows where it originated. It could have come anywhere from a possible angry staff at Warner Bros Discovery or someone from the South Korean animation studio Digital eMation. It’s also not impossible that the film was stolen and released without the knowledge of anyone attached to the film.

Warner will try to figure out where the leak started. They don’t want any more cancelled movies to get into the wild.

Interestingly, Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too leaked soon after it was announced that another Scooby-Doo movie had been cancelled, titled Scooby-Doo and the Haunted High Rise. Some speculate that the timing of the leak was intentional and could be a retaliation on WBD for cancelling so many projects.

The Cancelled Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too Is Now Online, Unofficially That Is

Unreleaaed Scooby-Doo And Krypto Too Movie Leaked

Credit: Warner Bros.

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Because of this, some are wondering if we’ll get to see Batgirl at some point. Even though many want to see the final result of the cancelled film which starred Leslie Grace, a leaked copy seems to be unlikely, but not entirely impossible.

The film was still in post-production when the film was cancelled. The filmmakers weren’t able to finish the movie. Nor were they given access to their work.

The movie directors themselves, Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi, have said that they weren’t able to recover any part of the film. The film was edited for one private screening with the cast and crew. But as I mentioned before, of course, the effects are either not there or roughly done. If this does reach online, that would be a surprise.

Just this January, another Scooby-Doo film was finished after its cancellation. Scoob! Holiday Haunt was one of the films that was cancelled right out of the gate with Batgirl. At the time, the animated film was already 95% done. They were close to the finish line. While they could have stopped, the team still pushed through to finish it. They were already paid, and from their point of view, there was no reason not to complete the project.

Will this Scooby-Doo film ever see the light of day? We don’t know. Fans would obviously want to see it. Meanwhile, Warner doesn’t.

What do you think of the leaked release of Scooby-Doo and Krypto Too? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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