UK And New York Cinemas Set Path For Return

Since last March it has been a troubling year for the cinema industry and operators worldwide.

This week, with a successful vaccine rollout in large markets underway, a road map to return is drawing positive movements for those affected.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week announced his road map out of one of the world’s toughest and longest lockdowns, that has been used to battle COVID-19.

UK cinemas are reopening on May 17th


Credit: Cinemworld

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Speculatively if all goes correct, Cinemas in England will be given the go-ahead to reopen on May 17th. Perfect for opening with Disney and Marvel Studios’ Black Widow.

This will also set up a summer of socially distanced (at least until June) showings and audiences building up the crown jewel of UK cinema in September, No Time To Die.

This has indicated a huge shift in positivity for chains and independent operators who can now plan for reopening in May.

We have had confirmation that movement has already begun for at least one chain in the UK.

The company has already begun rolling out staff training initiatives and reintegrating teams via Zoom and online materials, to prepare for re-opening since the announcement was made.

Cineworld CEO (who has suffered major controversy over the past few months most recently with a share pay-out plan) sent somewhat a cautious email to staff stating:

We are starting to put in place plans to re-open our cinemas, which we hope will be soon, and our top priority continues to be the safety of our employees and customers. We should acknowledge that, as before, there are many unknown variables from Government restrictions, to film release dates and so on, and these will need to be clarified to allow us to open but, rest assured, we will be in touch with our return plans and dates in the near future.

March 5th for New York City cinema Openings

vue cinemas

Credit: Vue cinemas

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Elsewhere the major news comes from New York City that cinemas are about to re-open.

Being one of the biggest domestic markets in the US it has been hampered by long term closures and restrictions since the start of the pandemic.

In turn, this has affected the release dates of Hollywood films globally for over 12 months.

The New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Monday that cinemas in the city will be allowed to re-open in line with the rest of the state, at a max of 25% capacity from March 5th.

Distancing measures and face masks must be in place along with air filtration measures similarly seen in the UK and across Europe.

This is a major first step for the revitalization of a heavily hampered sector and has knock-on effects positively across the world.

Shares shot up for AMC and Cineworld


Credit: AMC

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Shares across Odeon owner AMC Theatres, shot up over 20% on the stock market yesterday.

Cineworld also saw positive movements after Boris Johnson’s announcement Monday.

We recently covered AMC’S troubles and debts here.

Despite the news from NY and England, we have no date for cinemas in Scotland.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon set out a plan for Scotland as a devolved nation yesterday but refused to confirm a date for places such as Cinemas.

However, based on the Scottish government’s plan released yesterday…

May is again looking to be a most likely date.

Are you excited to be going back to the Cinema? Do you work at a Cinema and have any thoughts?

Let us know in the comments below.


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