Paramount Reportedly Rebooting The Transformers Franchise

The Transformers franchise is in a bit of a sticky situation. The most recent film, Bumblebee, was the first movie first the very first Transformers film not to be panned by critics.

However, unfortunately, Travis Knight’s film didn’t do very well at the box office, or at least, it didn’t do well enough for Paramount Pictures considering it was one of their tentpole films of last year.

Personally, I really enjoyed Bumblebee, and it was easily the first Transformers film I’ve actually enjoyed.

That said, the film was a tad formulaic, yet I really felt there was room there to explore this sort of Transformers movie a bit more.

Anyway, according to We Got This Covered’s source, Paramount Pictures is looking to reboot the Transformers franchise which was such a huge money-spinner for them in the past.

The Transformers movies seemed to prove that critics’ reception did not matter at all as far as film’s box offices’ were concerned, and I think there’s definitely an element of that.

Paramount Pictures is going to reboot the Transformers franchise… sigh…

Seems as though Paramount Pictures wants to go back to the Transformers movies of the past... the ones that made money

Seems as though Paramount Pictures wants to go back to the Transformers movies of the past… the ones that made money. – Credit: Paramount Pictures

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However, the films did very in the Chinese market, where Western critics have zero authority, so I would say that those Transformers movies – the Michael Bay ones – were critic-proof.

Yet, Bumblebee’s poor reception and poor performance at the box office shows that its only a certain type of Transformers movie that’s able to bring in the cash, and it seems like Paramount wants to move back to those sorts of films.

That would be a huge shame and a massive step backwards if they decide to try and replicate the first Transformers films.

We do know that Michael Bay is done with them, and he’s moved on to things like 6 Underground, which actually looks quite interesting.

I’ll definitely be watching it when it lands of Netflix on the 13th of December, which means it’s the first Michael Bay movie I’m actually looking forward to seeing in a long time.

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