Mark Hamill Kidnapped By The Joker And Trickster In New DC Comics Animated Short

Who doesn’t love Mark Hamill? I know I do, and I think he’s one of the best voice actors around, and this short animated clip for DC Kids’ YouTube channel just shows how talented Hamill is as he plays Joker, Trickster, Swamp Thing and himself all in one scene.

It’s just brilliant, and the clip itself isn’t half bad. In the clip, Mark Hamill, the actor, gets into a cab only to discover that it’s being driven by the Joker. Trickster then gets in next to Mark, and a brilliant few minutes then pass by in which Mark uses his vocal talents to play each and every character in the scene.

Hamill’s been playing the Joker for as long as I can remember, and he’s also been the Trickster for quite some time.

He first played The Trickster in the 1990s Flash TV series and has reprised the role in the new Flash TV show on The CW.

There are also rumours that he might appear in The CW’s upcoming massive crossover event, Crisis On Infinite Earths, as Trickster, and I really hope he does.

Mark Hamill shows his vocal talents in this new DC Comics animated clip

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We already know that Hamill’s good buddy Kevin Conroy is going to be in the crossover event playing one version of Batman.

Why can’t they bring back Mark Hamill’s Trickster, or maybe even have him turn up as the Joker, which would be the first time he ever got to play the character in live-action.

Hamill will be reprising his role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, most likely for the last time ever, and that will be a bittersweet moment.

The actor’s been playing Luke since the 1970s and it would most definitely be the end of an era when The Rise of Skywalker hits cinemas later this month.

What did you make of this little animated DC Comics short? Let us know in the comments below.

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