Tony Gilroy Stops Working On Andor Season 2 Amid Writers’ Strike


Contrary to some reports, Tony Gilroy, series showrunner, has stopped working on the Star Wars series Andor season 2 amid WGA Writers’ Strike.

Many projects and production companies are now feeling the effects of the Writers’ Strike. While some companies are saying that they have prepared for it where production continues in the absence of writers, the same cannot be said for several ongoing shoots.

One big example is Disney, whose studios include Marvel and Lucasfilm, among others. Recently, news broke out that Mahershala Ali’s Blade is again delayed due to the strike. Likewise, the supersized Disney Plus series Daredevil: Born Again is also affected.

An article from the New York Times state that the Writers Guild of America’s strike will be taking quite a while. In fact, WGA has vowed to stay on strike for as long as it takes. Representing 11,500 screenwriters, the movement means to secure better contract deals for writers working for studios, streaming services and networks.

A number of members of the WGA are taking on multiple tasks in a project. Some, aside from being the writer, are also the producer or director or perhaps both. Such is the situation of showrunners of series and writer-directors of movies. Tony Gilroy is one of them.

Tony Gilroy Corrects The Notion He Is Working On Andor Season 2 Amid Writers’ Strike

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In an article from The Hollywood Reporter, Tony Gilroy addresses accusations that he is still performing duties in the ongoing production of Andor while WGA is on strike.

Recently, Tony Gilroy, showrunner of Andor, which is now deep in production for its second season, received criticism from a fellow W.G.A. member. Abdullah Saeed took to his official Instagram account to say that continuing to work on a project in a capacity outside of writing makes it impossible for him not to perform his duties as a writer.

And because Saeed states that Gilroy is working, it means that he isn’t supporting the WGA Strike.  He wrote:

This is scabbing. There’s no way a writer/producer can “finish” writing and begin solely producing. And if the scripts truly are finished, let’s see em. If there’s one word different in the finished product, kick Tony Gilroy out of the WGA.

One of the biggest writers in Hollywood could stand with his union and halt production on his hit show, thereby by forcing a major studio to consider WGA demands a little harder.

Instead, he has chosen to be a SCAB! We all want Andor s2, but not at the cost of fairness to writers. #wgastrong ✊🏾

Many people in the comments had much more to say. However, Gilroy has made an official statement regarding the issue. He clarified:

I discontinued all writing and writing-related work on Andor prior to midnight, May 1. After being briefed on the Saturday showrunner meeting, I informed Chris Keyser at the WGA on Sunday morning that I would also be ceasing all non-writing producing functions.

According to THR, Keyser, who is the co-chair of the WGA’s negotiating committee, confirms the conversation with Gilroy. This corrects the information that Saeed posted.

Tony Gilroy Hasn’t Worked On Andor 2 Since May 1

Tony Gilroy Stops Working On Andor Season 2 Amid Writers' Strike

Credit: Disney Plus

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For professionals who work beyond the capacities of a writer in a project, there will always be a question of loyalty vs obligation. Not working will be loyalty to the guild at the same time to the advocacy of pushing all the writers’ concerns and determination for fair pay.

Working will be fulfilling the obligation to a contract agreed upon prior to the strike. Working will mean the job continues, and the rest of the crew has something to bring home to their families.

Continuing to not working until a resolution is met could pose a problem eventually. How will these writers support their families if this strike takes longer than what they have prepared for? It is understood that if they hold their ground and demand their conditions, the entire guild will benefit from their efforts and conviction.

Holding off for now in order to support the fight for writers’ fair pay will reap great results in the future. The question is: how do they intend to make this strike endure even after the estimated three months?

What do you make of Tony Gilroy correcting the notion that he’s still working on Andor season 2 despite the Writers’ Strike? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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