Beetlejuice 2 Adds Justin Theroux To Its Cast


Beetlejuice 2 shifts its development gear as Warner Bros. Pictures now officially slates the sequel next year with Justin Theroux joining the cast. Meanwhile, lead star Michael Keaton will indeed reprise his titular role in the sequel together with Winona Rider’s Lydia Deetz. This updates our earlier report on the official production actually happening.

Tim Burton finally gets the sequel ball running after years of development. The time seems to be just right to finally pick up where the first Beetlejuice movie left off more than two decades ago. Years even before the pandemic, a sequel has been in the works, but somehow things haven’t really moved forward despite actors’ optimistic feelings about coming back for a sequel.

Now, with Tim Burton fresh from his successful series about the eldest daughter of the Addams Family, Wednesday, there is no stopping the sequel from happening now. That is, after the WGA strike comes to an end. Everyone is rooting for the writers to have their fair share, and it’s time that they are heard accordingly.

However, the story and characters other than Beetlejuice and Lydia are under tight wraps. Especially during the Writers’ Strike, development could slow down storywise. Nevertheless, Burton is already on board for things to get going.

Beetlejuice 2 Officially Casts Justin Theroux

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And get going, indeed it is. Deadline reports that the production now has a definite date. Furthermore, Beetlejuice 2 welcomes Justin Theroux as part of the official cast. Whether or not he is also a ghoul or a human is not yet made available. Some fans already speculate he could be Ryder’s character’s husband.

Just a few months after their successful actor-director team-up, Jenna Ortega is also part of the cast as Lydia’s daughter. Evidently, Ortega has a highly favourable working relationship with Burton, and, if anything, she is the best choice for a goth girl unknowingly taking after her mother’s personality when she was her age.

The first movie was an undeniable blockbuster hit in 1988. With a $15M budget, they didn’t need the shrinking powder to boost the worldwide box office record of $74.46M. That was five times the cost of making the movie that began Keaton’s journey to stardom.

Jenna Ortega Cast In Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice 2

Credit: Warner Bros.

Moviegoers and critics agree on the movie’s reception. Rotten Tomatoes even display a favourable 86% on the Tomatometer and 82% for its Audience Score. Through the years, fans have grown to become somewhat yearning to finally get to see what happened to Deetz as well as Beetlejuice himself after the events of the movie transpired.

The movie’s popularity truly spun to new heights as an animated series got three seasons from 1989 to 1991, totalling 92 episodes to its belt. Many mini stories through the episodes are enjoyable and actually weave together for a full-length feature film.

Nevertheless, the project will likely proceed with its own story to tell. It is truly exciting to learn how things are progressing for Beetlejuice 2. Just last month, people are only hoping to have Burton back as the director, with Keaton and Ryder returning for the sequel as well. Naturally, it would never feel like a sequel if they weren’t in it.

Equally interesting would be what Theroux and Ortega would be bringing to the seance table. The resemblance could be unmistakable for a mother-daughter role for Ryder and Ortega. But what of Justin Theroux? His is a role that will completely be a surprise.

Justin Theroux Joins Beetlejuice 2 Cast For Mystery Role


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Award-winning actor Justin Theroux could deliver quite a spin if given good writing. He won 2017 OFTA’s Best Actor in a Drama Series for his work in The Leftovers. He is also quick on his toes for live performances, as demonstrated by his Primetime Emmy wins shared with cast members for Outstanding Variety Special: ‘All in the Family‘ and ‘Good Times‘ in 2019 and again for Norman Lear’s ‘All in the Family‘ and ‘The Jeffersons‘.

More recently, Justin Theroux was in White House Plumbers as G. Gordon Liddy and in The Mosquito Coast as Allie Fox in 2021.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros slated Beetlejuice 2 to ascend in theatres on September 6, 2024.

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