Tom Welling Reportedly In Talks For A The CW Smallville Revival

It’s being rumoured that Tom Welling is now in talks with The CW for a Smallville revival which I’m sure many people will be really looking forward to watching.

This rumour comes to Giant Freakin Robot and it would be an interesting thing for The CW to do.

It seems as though The CW’s in a bit of a strange place at the moment, especially when it comes to their DC Comics properties.

We’re seeing the end of the Arrowverse with the likes of Arrow coming to an end.

Supergirl, The Flash, Batwoman and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow are all also coming to an end.

So, what’s next of the DC Comics properties on The CW?

Well. it seems as though what they’re planning on doing is looking to the past and reviving some of their older DC Comics properties such as Smallville.

Tom Welling could be talking to The CW regarding a Smallville revival


Credit: The CW

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Here’s what Giant Freakin Robot had to say about Tom Welling being in talks with The CW for a Smallville revival series:

According to our trusted inside source (…) a Smallville revival is in early talks. Naturally, this would mean the return of Tom Welling as Clark Kent. Exactly what the nature of this revival would be is not something we could nail down (limited series?), it is clear that the powers-that-be over at The CW are trying to find a way to bring this version of Superman and his world back.

What do you make of this rumour?

Would you like to see Tom Welling return as Clark Kent in a Smallville revival?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Bob

    This is VERY HIGHLY unlikely and the source is nothing more then someone’s pipe dream, for 1 there is NO official word that Batwoman is ending and same with Legends, both shows have already been renewed for new seasons after this year. 2. Tom Welling has been pretty vocal about putting Smallville behind him, he was reluctant in reprising the roll in Crisis but after working with the Producers and reading the script he agreed considering how things ended. 3. Tom has always been a real pain in the ass about ever putting on the suit and thus far has never once changed his mind on that. The only way a Smallville revival could even work is to pick up were the show left off and that would mean he would have to be Superman, so it would have to explore the Superman years which Tom is not likely going to agree to do. 4. the CW already has a Superman show it would not serve to have two different Superman shows run at the same time. So this is nothing more then a rumor…its not happening.

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