Tom Holland’s Spider-Man To Wear The Black Spider-Man Suit In Marvel’s Next Spidey Trilogy

Spider-Man Symbiote Suit

A new rumour is now stating that Tom Holland will wear the black symbiote suit in Marvel and Sony’s next Spider-Man trilogy. Fans have been dying to see this version of Spider-Man in the symbiote suit, especially Marvel’s take on it.

The symbiote suits first appearance in the comics was in 1984’s Amazing Spider-Man No. 252. Then it made it’s live-action debut in the over-stuffed, disco dancing Spider-Man 3, directed by Sam Raimi. This is where Venom was also introduced to the mainstream film-going public.

In the comics, Spider-Man gets the suit and wears it throughout the Secret Wars arc. This news comes to us from Mikey Sutton over at Geekosity and according to him, Sony felt that waiting for the Secret Wars arc in the films would take too long and Tom Hardy would probably not be Venom by then.

Marvel’s Spider-Man to wear symbiote suit in next trilogy

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Credit: Marvel Studios

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According to Mikey Sutton this is how it’s going to go down:

Marvel Studios maps out its films years in advance of even pre-production so development on Spider-Man 4 is in its earliest stages. But one thing remains clear: this is a slightly older, mature Parker, no longer the fresh-faced high school kid. He has seen death and experienced tremendous loss. Although he will remain a positive figure with a snarky sense of humor, he has grown up, and the situations he will find himself in will be of a more edgy nature. The black costume will reflect that.

What do you make of this rumour? Would you like to see the black symbiote suit in the next Spider-Man trilogy? Let us know your thoughts below.

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