Disney And Sony Reportedly Close To Signing Another Spider-Man Deal For 3 More Films

With 2020 seeming like the longest year in history, it feels like September 2019 was ages ago when the internet was all worried about what would happen with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man in regards to staying exclusively with Sony or being allowed to play in the MCU. Many said Spider-Man would be exclusive to Sony and Disney wouldn’t have a chance.

Back then, industry insider Mikey Sutton (before his Geekosity site was launched) broke the news that, indeed, Tom Holland’s Spider-man would be returning to the Disney’s MCU films. And that Sony and Disney were still negotiating the contract from the now-famous “Spidey-Summit”.

Now Mikey Sutton is back with an update on Sony and Disney’s negotiations towards a contract with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Sutton is claiming that Sony and Disney have come close to an agreement for Spider-Man to have 3 more films in the MCU (for now).

Disney and Sony close to a new Spider-Man deal

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Here’s what Mikey Sutton posted at Geekosity regarding Sony and Disney’s negotiations over Tom Holland’s Spider-Man:

Yesterday, I was told by insiders that another contract was on the verge of being signed by Disney and Sony … Details are scarce, but sources tell me that the deal will keep Spider-Man in the MCU for an additional three solo movies with an option for more.

Sutton notes that this means Tom Holland’s Spider-Man college years will be the focus of the second trilogy, and will be under the supervision of Marvel – and of course, Kevin Feige. If the contract is signed, that is. If we can take anything from the past, it’s the fan reactions and outcries that give the studios leverage in these negotiations.

But with the ever-growing popularity of the web-head and his film coinciding with the MCU, both companies (especially Sony) would have to be nuts to pass up a deal that would benefit both parties. Disney and Marvel Studios have proved time and time again they know what they’re doing, and Sony could really benefit from more collaboration.

What do you think of this potential Spider-Man trilogy? Do you want Tom Holland’s Spider-man to stay embroiled in the MCU? Do you think the contract will be signed? Let us know your thoughts below.

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