TNG Reunion Confirmed For Star Trek: Picard Season 2

John De Lancie who plays Q in the Star Trek The Next Generation universe and was confirmed in the recent teaser to be returning in the second series of Picard has dropped hints according to about what he’s up to.

In various Cameo videos, he’s discussed with fans what to expect in the second series of the show, which follows Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard, almost 20 years since most fans saw him in Star Trek Nemesis in 2002.

I’ve been having a really nice time working with Sir Patrick and with Brent, that was great fun. And with Jonathan Frakes, who just makes shooting a party…

In one video he not only confirms the return of Brent Spiner as Data or as B4 (see Nemsis/Season One of Picard) but also Jonathan Frakes in the director’s chair.

Frakes of course is also famous for the role of William T Riker which he played across all seven seasons of the Next Generation show, all 4 movies and appeared in the first season of Picard.

Could he make an acting appearance as well? That hasn’t been ruled out.

Q Will Be Different In Star Trek: Picard Season 2?

q star trek picard

Credit: CBS

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De Lancie confirmed in further videos with fans that Q would be a ‘bit different’, and he also delved into a little history of the character whom fans have come to love for his both his villainous ways but also his humour…

[Q] didn’t quite start out [with humour and nuance]. When I first did it, Patrick Stewart came over 34 years ago with Corey Allen the director. And we sat in my backyard here and we banged out lines. And Corey would say to me whenever I would send something up, he would say, ‘Oh, no no no. He’s got to be really right down the middle. He’s evil. He’s a villain.’ And I go, ‘No, no. Smile and be a villain.’

Imagine if he didn’t stand his ground, just who Q would have become?

Who Else May Return?

William Shatner revealed he would return to Star Trek

Credit: CBS

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Speculation has been rife ever since the first season was announced about the cast of TNG reappearing in the Picard based show.

It seems almost inevitable we would see the crew return in various forms, but whilst nostalgia plays a big part, some fans have called for the series to be more stand-alone, and separate from the original series to help it succeed.

Marina Sirtis who played Counsellor Troi reappeared in the first season along leaving only Dr CrusherWorf and LaForge absent.

LaForge, played by acclaimed actor, LeVar Burton has stated recently he doesn’t expect to be back, even though he’s visited the set in the past. Telling Newsweek he stated:

I’m really happy with where Geordie sits in my life. And even though I feel like it’d be fun to revisit him now and again, living in his skin every day. I don’t necessarily need to go back to doing that.

Whilst Worf, played by Michael Dorn enjoyed a huge period of longevity across The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, and all the Star Trek TNG movies to fulfil a complete arc, he’s been very vocal in calling in the past for a Worf-centric show of his own.

As perhaps the most famous Klingon in existence in the series, the actor caused widespread expectation with a tweet in April 2021 stating “Just got the news, being summoned back to action. Starfleet calls #ad”.

Whether that refers to a commercial, or Star Trek project, remains unseen.

Are you looking to forward to Star Trek: Picard Season 2?

Who else may return you’d like to see?

Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear your ideas!


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