Interview With The Vampire Series Greenlit By AMC


The Anne Rice novel, Interview With The Vampire (famously made into a movie in 1994 starring Tom Cruise and Christian Slater) is getting a brand-new revamp in the form of a limited series.

The 8-part episodic event will be produced by AMC Network (home of Walking Dead) in the US and after snapping up all 18 of Rice’s novels, it seems a new universe is about to be formed.

Interview With The Vampire Is the best vampire Novel Ever Written


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The showrunner for the first series has been confirmed as Park Mason’s Rolin Jones. He commented on the news (via Dread Central);

In 1973, a grieving mother and extraordinary writer began what would become the finest vampire novel ever written, all respects to Mr. Stoker,” Jones said. “Nearly fifty years later we know what’s expected of us. We know how much this book and the ones that follow mean to their massive fan base. We feel you over our shoulders as we tend the Savage Garden. Louis and Lestat are coming out of hiding and we can’t wait to re-unite them with you.

What can we expect from the series? The original film in 1994 was widely praised both for its acting and presentation.

Receiving two Academy Award nominations for ‘Best Original Score’ and ‘Best Art Direction; along with Kirsten Dunst for a Golden Globe for ‘Best Supporting Actress at the age of 10.

Taking over $250m on a $50m budget worldwide the film was a commercial success, Cruise who took a $10m salary for the role of Lestat was initially unwanted by Rice for the movie.

She even suggested Brad Pitt and Cruise switch roles entirely as she couldn’t see Cruise in the role of Lestat.

In an interview with the LA Times she later stated “from the moment he appeared, Tom was Lestat for me” and “that Tom did make Lestat work was something I could not see in a crystal ball.” She called Cruise to compliment him and admit that she was wrong.

So, who can play Lestat in 2022?


Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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Considering the track record of AMC with highly commended and award-winning shows such as Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Mad Men, Better Caul Saul, we can expect whoever takes the role to have high expectations.

The 8 episodes will cover the entirety of Interview with The Vampire following the 200-year life story of Louis De Ponite De Lac as he retells his life to a reporter known as ‘The Boy’.

Covering a period from 1791 into the 1920’s across New Orleans, Paris, Eastern Europe and themes of sexuality, love, horror, immortality and lust it will certainly be an explosive series.

With over 11 sequels now under contract to AMC there’ll be plenty of Vampire orientated content from the network for years to come.

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