Loads Of Super Mario Bros Movie Toys Leak Online


With the Super Mario Bros Movie getting close to its release date, there are a number of images of the unreleased toys that have leaked online. YouTube channel M&L Toys have released a video detailing each product.

Note that we won’t be posting the images of the toys, although we will discuss what we saw in the video.

Since this is the first movie Nintendo has been excited to release for decades, anything related to the film is exciting for fans and toy collectors.

Even though Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario has been criticized online on social media, this won’t stop people from buying the new lineup of Super Mario Bros toys.

Jakks Pacific will be releasing movie-related, officially licensed Nintendo-related Mario toys just before the movie premieres in a few months. They have been making toys for Mario for some years now.

Jakks is known for making toys for Disney, Sonic The Hedgehog, Apex Legends and several others.

Even though Jakks Pacific has made toys for Mario before, this won’t be a movie reskin of older toys. This is a completely new lineup. So, for the collectors out there, this would be something interesting to look at.

The new movie lineup focuses on playsets. This is even highlighted in the smallest toys featured in the video.

The Mini World Playset features characters from the movie, namely Mario, Kamek, Luigi, Peach, Koopa Paratroopa, and Toad.

Super Mario Bros Movie Toys Features Playsets

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Since the images don’t have a size reference, all we can do is pretty much guess the size of these figures. Right now, it seems like they are smaller than Jakks’ 2.5-inch line of Super Mario toys.

Each character is on top of a yellow box question mark block. This block can be opened to reveal a background where you can place the character for display.

At the moment, we speculate that each box has a different background for each character. It would be interesting to collect these if they are. Personally, the Mini World Playset doesn’t feel like a playset at all, but it is a nice interesting display for the character.

This lineup is expected to release at the end of February to early March.

The next featured item is the Van Playset. This features the Super Mario yellow van from the leaked poster image for the movie.

Just looking at the box, you immediately see that you’ll also get a Mario figure, which seems to be similar to the Mini World Playset (we are guessing here). M&L Toys is also unsure of the size of the figure included.

Interesting detail on the van is that Luigi is featured on the Mario Brothers logo. The movie poster showed that it’s Mario that is featured on that same side.

But just like the Mini World Playset, this Van opens up and reveals an environment. Unlike the Mini World Playset though, this looks like a proper playset that seems like a part of the mushroom kingdom with pipes included.

Loads Of Super Mario Bros Movie Toys Leak Online

Super Mario Bros Movie Streaming On Netflix In October

Credit: Illumination

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The big playset is Peach’s Castle or the Mushroom Kingdom Castle. Just by looking at it, it already includes Mario and Peach figures. And it is one huge playset compared to the van.

This is also obviously very different from the Mushroom Kingdom Castle playset Jakks Pacific released earlier. Just like the other playsets, this can be opened up to reveal, not a castle, but the training grounds.

I’m not so sure how similar this is to the movie’s floating training area, but it looks fun nonetheless.

Then the big highlight in the video is the 7-inch Bowser figure. Jakks did release a 6-inch before, but you notice that the figure itself uses a different mould and the detail of it looks amazing.

Super Mario Bros Movie is made by Illumination, known for making Despicable Me, The Secret Life of Pets, Sing and the Minions. The film is set to be released on April 7, 2023.

What do you think of the new Super Mario Bros Movie toy lineup from Jakks Pacific? Is it something you might consider collecting? Or will it be something just for the kids?


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