The Walking Dead Season 8 Almost Saw Maggie Kill Negan

It’s been revealed that one of The Walking Dead’s directors really wanted Maggie Rhee to kill Negan in Season 8.

A lot’s happened in The Walking Dead. It’s been on AMC for what seems like ages.

It’s now on its tenth season, and it looks like they’ll be a lot more seasons to come.

However, it was recently revealed by one of The Walking Dead’s directors and producers, Greg Nicotero, that one of the show’s main villains could have died pretty early on.

Greg was chatting to on Collider’s The Witching Hour, and that was when he revealed this shocking bit of trivia.

Negan almost died in The Walking Dead Season 8


Maggie Rhee almost killed Negan in The Walking Dead Season 8 – Credit: AMC

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Here’s what Greg told Collider in full about what he originally wanted to happen to Negan in The Walking Dead Season 8:

I said to Scott Gimple, the showrunner, ‘I think Maggie should shoot him. I think Maggie should either kill Negan or shoot Negan or do something, because she’s right there’. I said, ‘It’s really a hard moment to shoot knowing that Maggie collapses to her knees because Rick spares Negan’s life.’

I sort of pitched this idea to Gimple, ‘Why doesn’t Maggie shoot him? Why doesn’t Maggie kill him?’ And obviously, Negan’s character had more of a journey, there was a lot more going on.

Honestly, I think a lot of people were shocked when Rick decided to spare Negan’s life in that episode.

What do you make of this news?

Would you have liked it if Negan had been killed by Maggie in The Walking Dead Season 8?

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