The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan Teases A ‘Massive’ Season 10 Finale

The Walking Dead’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan has revealed that Season 10’s finale episode will be “massive” which has us very excited to see it.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was talking to toofab about the current season of The Walking Dead.

During this conversation, the Negan star opened up about Season 10’s finale which has been delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s what he had to say about the upcoming Season 10 finale:

I know that [episode] 16, our season finale, was a big one that Greg Nicotero directed. Every episode he seems to direct is a massive one, and it is a season finale, so I would expect a lot to happen.

The Walking Dead Season 10’s Finale is going to be “Massive”


The Walking Dead Season 10 has seen Negan go down an interesting path – Credit: AMC

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Morgan didn’t stop there though.

During this interview, he also opened up about The Walking Dead Season 10 Episode 15 and loving Princess’ introduction.

I loved that in [episode] 15, we introduced Princess. Oh my God. She just sort of popped. That kind of energy on that show is really fun, so I’m a huge fan of her now. I think the two of them are gonna have some fun, I can’t wait. I really can’t wait. So we’ll see.

Here’s hoping that Season 10’s finale will be as good as Morgan claims it will be.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to The Walking Dead Season 10’s finale episode?

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