When Will The Undoing Season 2’s Release Date Be? Will There Even Be A Season 2 On HBO?

The Undoing Season 1 on HBO has really been getting people talking – especially in the Lauder household. We love the show, and we were wondering, like many others I’m sure, when The Undoing Season 2 might get a release date? Will it even get a Season 2?

Well I’m on hand to answer those pesky questions for you, because, they do need answering, and hopefully I can help clear things up for you as far as The Undoing Season 2’s release date is concerned (maybe I should say ‘potential’ release date). Right, this show, which is airing on HBO in the US and on Sky Atlantic over here in the UK, has been a real winner.

I’ve been asking myself who did murder Elena Alves? Was it really Hugh Grant’s character, Jonathan Fraser? Could it have been Nicole Kidman’s Grace Fraser? Was it Elena’s husband, Fernando (brilliantly played by Ismael Cruz Córdova by the way)? Is Noah Jupe’s Henry Fraser the culrpit? The last episode’s cliffhanger ending seemed to suggest that this outcome could be a possibility.

Will there be a second season on HBO?

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I’m not too sure about Henry being the killer. I think it’s more likely that he’s actually just covering for his dad. Anyway, this series has been brilliant, and next Monday will be its grand finale, but does that mean it’ll be the end of this show we’ve all come to love?

Well, the short answer is, yes. It is. The Undoing is an HBO miniseries based on a book Jean Hanff Korelitz called You Should Have Known. It’s very much a one and done sort of thing, which is really upsetting. However, once the murder is solved, then there’s not much else to cover story-wise. Therefore, it makes sense to call it a day with the final episode, which is called The Bloody Truth (sounds ominous, doesn’t it).

When could The Undoing Season 2’s release date be?

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The one thing that could end up giving The Undoing a Season 2 is the fact that it’s now being viewed by over 1 million people on HBO, which is a lot for the network. The number of viewers has been steadily increasing episode after episode. The Undoing Season 1 Episode 5, for instance, called Trial By Fury, ended up getting almost 1.3 million viewers. That’s not a number to be scoffed at for this sort of show.

However, it has to be said that this show really really has nowhere to go once the murder’s been revealed in the final episode. One of the things I really love about The Undoing is that it really keeps you guessing. Usually, I already know who the murderer is before the final episode of these sorts of dramas. However, I’m pretty much clueless as far as The Undoing’s concerned. I think it might be Hugh Grant’s character, but I’m still not 100% sure it’s him.

I’m definitely going to be tuning in this Monday evening to find out who it is. Beyond that point, I’m pretty sure that’ll be the end for this show. They also have very busy stars as its two leads. Both Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman are very much in demand, as is Noah Jupe for that matter.  I think they’d find it very had to fit a second season into their very, very busy schedules. It’s a shame, but HBO does a lot of these one-and-done miniseries. It’s just the way they do things.

What do you make of this feature? Have you been watching The Undoing on HBO, and if so, do you think there should be a Season 2? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. jane mesiano

    By episode 2 I usually know if I will continue any series. This story is absolutely riveting. I’ve watched multiple times, especially episode 5. Actors Grant, Kidman, and Sutherland compete continuously in any scene. But, the defense attorney, unknown to me, really got my interest. Please more ! Jane Mesiano Pittsburgh, Pa.

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