Who Could The Real Murderer Be In The Undoing? Could It Really Be Hugh Grant’s Character?

The Undoing has come to HBO and it’s really been getting people talking – one of the main questions viewers have been asking themselves after The Undoing’s first two episodes is whether Hugh Grant’s character really is the murderer.

Hugh Grant plays Jonathan Fraser in The Undoing on HBO. When we first meet him, it looks like this might be your typical Hugh Grant character. He seems very British, dry, witty, funny, charming, and a bit awkward.

However, when the first episode ended and Nicole Kidman’s character, Grace Fraser finds her husband’s phone in their home when he told her he was going to a conference in Cleveland, things started to get very interesting.

Why is that interesting, you ask? Well, it’s because Elena Alves is found brutally murdered. She was a parent of one of the kids at school and was also being very strange with Grace before she was murdered.

Could Jonathan be linked to Elena’s death? Well, The Undoing Episode 1 really did that possibility out there. Episode 2 really got us thinking that he did it, however, the ending made me think twice regarding Jonathan’s guilt.

Did Hugh Grant’s Jonathan Fraser really do it in The Undoing?

the-undoing hugh grant murderer

Credit: HBO

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So, the entire episode seemed to paint Hugh Grant’s Jonathan as the villain of the piece. The police think he did it. It was revealed that he was fired from his job for having an affair with one of his patient’s mothers.

Turns out, that mother was Elena. So, he definitely has a motive for killing her. Yet, Grant’s Jonathan turns up at the end of the episode to tell his wife, Grace, that he didn’t kill her.

He did admit to having an affair. Jonathan even revealed that they had sex at a school event the night she was murdered. However, he insisted he didn’t kill her.

Could Jonathan be lying? Is he really innocent? Well, Grace ends up calling the police and telling them that her husband is at their beach house.

The Undoing has been event television on HBO

the-undoing nicole kidman

Credit: HBO

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This got me, and I believe many others, completely hooked on this new show. First off, Hugh Grant is perfect casting for this role.

Secondly, it all seems too obvious to have his character be the murderer. There must be someone else involved, or we are being told this story from the perspective of an unreliable narrator.

The show is based on a book. The book was written by Jean Hanff Korelitz and it’s called You Should Have Known, so you could just read the book and find out the outcome for yourselves.

But, what’s the fun in that? I will not be reading the book until after this miniseries is done, mainly because I want to really be invested in this series.

I honestly believe it’s one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while. HBO has been making a lot of these miniseries over the years, and they do them very well.

Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman are great in The Undoing

the-undoing hugh grant nicole kidman hbo

Credit: HBO

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However, the story here seems to be very complex. The actors are also terrific and the show looks brilliant. Nicole Kidman’s coats alone give you a reason to watch each new episode.

It also seems as though more and more people are getting into this show if the ratings are to be believed. The second episode ended up getting 799,000 viewers on HBO alone. That was up from 676,000 for the first episode.

I could see The Undoing Episode 3 cracking one million, which I think it would really deserve. As for whether Hugh Grant’s character is the murderer, I’m saying no. I don’t think he is.

What do you make of this news? Have you been watching The Undoing on HBO, and do you think Hugh Grant’s character did it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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