The Umbrella Academy’s Writer Gerard Way Explains Why He Wrote The Comics

The Umbrella Academy Season 2 will be released later next year on Netflix, and the writer of the comics, Gerard Way, has been chatting about what made him write the books in the first place.

Gerard Way was the frontman of the emo rock band, My Chemical Romance, and people were rather surprised when he came out with these new comic books about a school full of young and powerful kids.

He wrote these books with Gabriel Bá, and they’re still writing them today, and they’ve now been turned into a very successful Netflix TV show.

People just can’t get enough of The Umbrella Academy and are really looking forward to the next season.

Gerard Way has been chatting about his influences and what made him write The Umbrella Academy in the first place.

Gerard Way reveals his influences for The Umbrella Academy

How many episodes will The Umbrella Academy Season 2 have on Netflix?

How many episodes will The Umbrella Academy Season 2 have on Netflix? (Credit: Netflix)

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Here’s what he told about it in full:

I feel there’s not simply myself and my household in there, there’s my pals in there and there’s the guys from the band [My Chemical Romance] in there. Being in a band at actually shut quarters, as anybody whose had that experience will inform you, is like being in a dysfunctional household. The Umbrella Academy have one another’s backs, however they usually don’t see eye to eye, and every member of the workforce has their very own persona and what they create to the household group. The chemistry of that’s actually attention-grabbing to me. I can see the guys from the band in every of the characters. And other people I met on the highway too. And there’s rather a lot of stuff in there about fame as effectively. Lots of that was my way of processing the experience My Chemical Romance had if I’m being completely sincere.

So it sounds like the members of My Chemical Romance are all influences for the characters in The Umbrella Academy.

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