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Tom Holland Claims His Spider-Man Is More Interesting Than Tobey Maguire’s

Everybody (well, almost everybody) loves Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man, and the actor recently through some massive shade on Tobey Maguire’s version of the Marvel Comics character.

Tom was doing a video for GQ in which he went onto different sites on the Internet (YouTube, Wikipedia and Quora) and answered questions about himself and commented on things.

It’s a type of video that they enjoy doing at GQ and often the results are pretty hilarious.

Well, something rather funny happened during Tom Holland’s video in which he was asked about Tobey’s version of Peter Parker and what he had to say was rather interesting.

Here’s what he said about Tobey’s Spide-Man and why his version is better:

Because it makes me more interesting, I guess. It gives me more room to grow. If you start out a badass, there’s nowhere to go. I don’t know.

I’ve said it time and time again that Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man is far more interesting than Tobey’s and Andrew Garfield’s.

Is Tom Hardy’s Spider-Man the best ever?

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I’ve enjoyed aspects of both their versions of the Marvel Comics character, yet there were problems with both of them.

I felt like Tobey’s Peter Parker was too much of a victim and bit too much of a looser. That is part of the character to begin with, but Spider-Man ends up being cool and pretty quippy.

That’s what Andrew’s version of Spider-Man got right. His Spider-Man was cool, full of jokes and quips, but he tended to be way to mean with criminals and came off as being a total jerk in some scenes.

He was also way too cool for school as Peter Parker, and they were both too old to be playing the character.

Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man gets everything right, which is why he’s the best Spider-Man ever

What do you think? Is Tom Holland’s version of Spider-Man the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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