The Umbrella Academy Parody Is Here And It’s Perfect

A while back (eight months to be exact), it was revealed that YouTube channel called The Hillywood Show was working on a very exciting new project: a parody version of Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy.

The Umbrella Academy is a series of comic books by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, and they were then used to create this new TV show which took the world by storm last year.

People just could not get enough of The Umbrella Academy, and I’m pretty sure the fans of the show will appreciate this new parody version.

Everybody knows that the ultimate form of flattery is making a parody version of that thing, so I’m also pretty sure that Netflix, Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá would have been very touched by the fact that The Hillywood Show chose to their show as their next parody project.

This week, the full 20-minute parody version of the show was dropped on YouTube and it pokes fun of everything you’d expect it to.

The Hillywood Show is known for doing song and dance parodies of big blockbuster films and TV show.

Check out The Umbrella Academy’s parody version right here!

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In the past, they’ve done things like Lord of the Rings, Suicide Squad, Harry Potter and even Netflix’s Stranger Things.

Hilly and Hannah Hindi are the two people behind the YouTube channel, and they do it all.

Everything from writing, directing, costumes, makeup, editing… Everything you can think of, Hilly and Hannah do it.

They even act in each production, so every single parody is a labour of love for these two incredible women.

Anyway, all I can do now is implore you to watch the parody version of The Umbrella Academy, which I have put in this article for your viewing pleasure.

What do you think of this new parody version of The Umbrella Academy? Let me know in the comments below.

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