The Tinder Swindler: Why Is Simon Leviev Not In Prison?


There’s a new documentary on Netflix that is really making the rounds called The Tinder Swindler, and it reveals the insane cons that Simon Leviev pulled.

First off, if you haven’t watched The Tinder Swindler on Netflix yet, then don’t read this article.

There are spoilers for The Tinder Swindler coming up.


The Tinder Swindler: How did Simon Leviev get away with it?

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So, The Tinder Swindler is a documentary all about a con man called Simon Leviev and the women he conned out of an awful lot of money.

Towards the end of the documentary it was revealed that he conned an estimated $10 million out of people.

The documentary shows how three of the women who Simon was conning managed to put the word out there about him.

One of them also managed to get the man arrested and ended up actually conning the con man, which is just brilliant to watch.

However, the end of the documentary ends on a real flat note.

The Tinder Swindler’s ending on Netflix is a real issue


Credit: Netflix

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It’s revealed that Simon was charged for fraud in Israel.

However, somehow he was only sentenced for 15 months in prison and only served five of them before he was released.

If you’re to look at Simon’s account on Instagram (yes, he’s back on Instagram), he has over 159K followers.

If you’re to look at the stuff he posts on the social media network, it very much looks like he’s back living the high life.

Does this mean that the man’s back as his old tricks? Well, we don’t know.

However, what we do know is that Mr. Leviev (which is one of the many names he used to go by), defrauded multiple women out of a lot of money.

Those women are still having to pay off their debts after Simon racked up thousands of dollars of credit card debt in their names.

Simon Leviev ruined people’s lives and he’s no longer in prison


Credit: Netflix

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It’s a horrendous story, and it shows the inefficacies of law enforcement as far as these sorts of crimes are concerned.

The only reason Simon was caught in the first place was because of the women who he was defrauding and the Norwegian investigative journalists.

The movie actually makes you realise that if you’re in a pickle, your best bet might be to call an investigative journalist rather than the police.

The Tinder Swindler is a shocking, worrying and heartbreaking story.

It’s one that I’m pretty sure people will be talking about for quite sometime.

I’m just hoping that it helps gets the word out about Simon Leviev, who judging by his social media activity, is living the sort of life that we can only dream of.

The question that I really wanted answered is, how on Earth is Leviev not in prison?

It makes you realise that the whole justice system if completely and utterly rigged.

This sort of crime is just not taken seriously.

This man ruined people’s lives and he only ended up spending five months in prison for it.

The minute he was released, he was back in fast cars, wearing Gucci sunglasses and Louis Vuitton shoes…

What do you make of this feature?

Have you watched The Tinder Swindler on Netflix yet?

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  1. Andrew

    I just saw the documentary yesterday and this is the first question which came to my mind, why the hell on earth he is not in a jail ?? Of course the women just went behind the rich lavish lifestyle, but still Imagine the emotional trauma all the females had to go through. Atleast any of the countries could have charged him for defrauding and thrown him into jail, just totally disappointed with the justice system.

    • Lola

      The show focused on the women he defrauded with rich lifestyles, but he defrauded parents, elderly, bosses, companies and so many others. He had only one scam which was: care about me, then pay to protect me. I just want to know why what he did wasn’t considered a crime in any of the countries. Forget arrest and trial, how about just pressing charges? Is it technically not illegal?

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