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The Terminal: When Travel Films Draw Inspiration From Real Life


Do you know who Tom Hanks is? Or maybe you’ve seen a film with him? We’re sure there’s a good chance you have done! One of his very best films is The Terminal. How many years have passed since its release? But despite this – it was and still remains legendary and highly recommended for the whole family to watch.

The film is based on the absolutely real story of a man from Iran who found himself trapped in the famous French airport Charles de Gaulle in Paris. But this time, in Terminal, it’s about a man called Victor Navolski, who was locked out of JFK after the civil war broke out in his home country. This article will have an unusual purpose: to compile a piece about JFK airport and, along with it, about the film The Terminal, with fascinating facts about both.

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The centre of global connectivity


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JFK Airport is world famous for its global web of flights that connects travellers all over the world. The film showcases this global web connection as Victor Navorski talks to people from different countries and accurately highlights the airport’s role in this different cross-national communication. The airport statistics are staggering because in 2022 alone, 55 million passengers passed through it, and imagine how many of them simplified their lives by using airport transfers (in America, this is quite a popular service).

Let’s get all the treasures of JFK Airport

There’s the film The Terminal with its look at this airport from a cinematic perspective. And there’s the absolute reality in the form of the real JFK Airport, which boasts a plethora of interesting places to visit. Starting from trendy boutiques to non-standard places to eat, a bunch of different cafes and even a trendy art installation “Flight” by Gerard Brown. You have to agree, it’s very impressive!

Behind the scenes of The Terminal

JFK Airport is in a constant phase of development and improvement; for example, one of the most recent things they have done is to expand the terminal space (capacity has increased several times, and it is a huge bonus in attracting new airlines), improve security measures (which is especially important nowadays and based on the topic of this article) and also to better optimise operations.

How did The Terminal come to be? A story of inspiration


Credit: Universal Pictures

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Remember at the very beginning of this article, we wrote about a man who found himself shut down at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris? It was this story that served as the real inspiration for the making of the film. If you dive into the details of the story, this man from Iran was called Merhan Karimi Nasseri, who lived at the airport for almost 18 years!

Naturally, the film added fictional elements, but the art was so poignant and successful for the audience that the very idea of staying closed in an airport resonated around the world. It’s a very unique and interesting idea. P.S. If you book an airport shuttle, you definitely won’t be closed at the airport, just know.

JFK’s cultural and somewhat political heritage

The airport that today’s article is about was named in honour of the 35th President of the United States, and it started back in 1948. Since then, it has been one of the busiest airports in the world, handling tens of millions of passengers every year (sorry, I didn’t mean to repeat myself).

Final Thoughts

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JFK Airport and the film Terminal is something more than just an airport and just a film. It’s a very cool combination, an interesting confluence of life circumstances (about a man who lived so long in an airport in Paris). You can only imagine how much fate can twist the plot of life in interesting ways. There was a man who lived such a huge number of years in the airport (it would be difficult to imagine such a thing in full seriousness) and then this story shocks the world and directors so much that a brilliant film was born, which touches the hearts of millions.

And further, this legendary quality film actually raises very important issues, such as the allegory of the bureaucratic hurdles refugees face. This film reminds us that we are human beings, that we should not be alien to humanity, and we should be strong anyway.

Together, these two stories that look at each other from different universes (one fictional and one real) become a symbol of connection and human hope. Remember this while watching the film (by the way, we tell you honestly, it won’t be enough to watch it once): remember the embodiment of the deepest human experience. Explore!

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