Oscar Odds: A Guide To Betting On Academy Award Nominations And Winners


Movie-making, known as the seventh art, is one of the newer expression forms and one of the most mainstream ones globally. The Academy Awards, often referred to simply as the Oscars, is the filmmaking industry’s most prestigious event. It is an award show watched the world over every year that has become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, with its red-carpet walks assuming the role of glitzy displays of fashion that aim to shape trends. Moreover, the award show itself has become a stage where those in the movie-making sphere address social and cultural issues. Naturally, this is on top of celebrating cinematic achievements.

While millions upon millions of people tune in annually to the Oscars and have done so since 1929, few modern viewers are aware that wagering on winners in virtually all categories is available at the best betting sites in the UK. That is right. Online sportsbooks offer entertainment-based gambling that includes award shows. Given the popularity and worldwide appeal of the movie sector’s pinnacle gala ceremony draws, it should not surprise anyone that it gets prominently featured at a wide range of Internet bookies, and below, we provide a quick rundown on how parties interested in betting on it can put their film industry knowledge to use for monetary gain.

Oscar Betting Markets


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For those readers who are not gambling savvy and have never wagered on an event with an uncertain outcome, offline and online, a market is a term that refers to a distinct wagering opportunity/category. For example, who will win the Best Actress Oscar in 2023 or the Best Director? Regarding the Academy Awards, all the categories listed as a part of the main show and the Governors’ Ball usually get presented as the main Oscar wagering markets.

Aside from these, most sportsbooks also supply a decent array of proposition wagers, called props for short. These are specific bets placed on something, in particular, occurring within a broader state of affairs. So, in the context of the Academy Awards, these wagers include betting on what color an actor/actress shall wear, someone making a political statement during their speech, crying during their award acceptance and various tech-related props. Some sites list surprise propositions, which entail staking funds on happenings like unexpected on-stage reunions occurring or unscripted comments or jokes getting dropped during the event. These aim to diversify the betting experience on this award show.

Wagering Strategies


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When betting on the Oscars, it is wise not to lay down money on who deserves the award the most. Gamblers with no experience with this gambling category must understand that Academy members vote for each category, and they customarily give their vote based on industry history and buzz.

Bettors must track the narrative surrounding every film, as these dramatically impact the winning odds in most categories. For instance, if news pops up making an actor super sympathetic, that can sizably boost that individual’s chances to claim a golden statue. Moreover, who is behind a film will also influence outcomes. A well-known case of this is American Factory winning Best Documentary Feature Film before For Sama and Honeyland in 2019. That happened despite the latter two having better reviews and more favorable receptions worldwide.

Other quality tips we would suggest are exploring Oscar prediction communities on platforms like Twitter/X and Discord, looking to diversify one’s wagers across categories, and analyzing historical patterns/data. It is pivotal to remember that the most renowned categories often display correlations between wins at precursor awards, like the Golden Globes of the BAFTAs, and Oscar success.

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