When Will The Irregulars Season 2 Be Released On Netflix?


People are loving Season 1 of The Irregulars on Netflix at the moment, and we were wondering if and when Season 2 will be released on the streaming platform.

Well, let’s start off with the good news: it looks like The Irregulars Season 2 is already in production over at Netflix.

The show has been in the Top Ten on Netflix worldwide and it looks like people have really been gravitating towards the show.

The show is about the Baker Street Irregulars – the kids that Sherlock Holmes uses to get the information he might not be able to get himself.

They basically do his dirty work, yet in this show, it’s a bit different.

The Irregulars are more of a mystery-solving unit themselves and there’s a lot of paranormal stuff they have to deal with.

The Irregulars Season 2 is already in production over at Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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Right, so according to Newsweek, The Irregulars Season 2 was listed in Production Weekly.

Production Weekly is an industry magazine that announces which movies and TV shows are scheduled to go into production and when.

They revealed that The Irregulars Season 2 was scheduled to begin filming in Liverpool this summer.

However, Netflix has not yet officially announced its renewal yet.

This isn’t unusual. Netflix tends to take its time before announcing a new season of a show.

This is also the case with other Netflix shows such as Bridgerton Season 2 and Cobra Kai Season 4

The first season has been a huge hit for Netflix


Credit: Netflix

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So. we still don’t have official word from Netflix yet on whether The Irregulars Season 2 has been greenlit yet.

However, showrunner Tom Bidwell and the cast are eager to keep carrying on with the show.

Bidwell told RadioTimes the following in a recent interview:

If we’re allowed to come back, we will hit the ground running for sure.

It also looks like Season 2 might feature more of Sherlock Holmes, which I’m pretty sure fans have been waiting to see.

As for when it’ll be landing on Netflix, we can only guess.

Our best guess is that it’ll be coming to Netflix towards the beginning of 2022.

The Irregulars Season 3 might even be in the works


Credit: Netflix

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Henry Lloyd-Hughes played Sherlock in the first season is hopeful.

He revealed that he hopes Holmes will get more to do in Season 2.

He revealed the following in a recent interview with RadioTimes:

I don’t know how it’s going to work. But, you know, if you can unlock the mysteries of time and space then I’ll give it a shot.

The show’s showrunner, Bidwell, added the following:

There’s a lot of story potential in lots of different areas with Leopold, with Sherlock and Watson with the gang with their love stories.

Harrison Osterfield, who plays Prince Leopold, agrees, and revealed in an interview with Esquire:

I’d love to see some more Buckingham Palace stuff. To see him grow in the Royal family, add more responsibility, maybe some interaction with his mother, who we’ve not met before. There’s so much scope, there’s so many possibilities.

What do you make of this feature?

Are you looking forward to seeing The Irregulars Season 2 on Netflix?

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