Kevin Feige’s Favourite MCU Scene Revealed


What’s your favourite Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) moment of all time? It’s not an easy question to answer. There have been so many over the years.

Was it the moment in the Avengers where you got all the Marvel heroes together on-screen at once with that glorious circling shot?

Was it the moment in Captain America: Civil War when Spider-Man swang into frame?

Maybe it was the moment when Tony Stark said, “I’m Iron Man” in the very first Iron Man movie?

These moments are all wonderful scenes in cinema, yet they’re not Marvel Studios President’s favourite moment in the MCU.

No, that moment came in Avengers: Endgame, and we shouldn’t really be a surprise that it did.

Imagine how incredible that moment must have been for the man who’s been working on that point since the first Iron Man movie?

Kevin Feige’s favourite MCU moment has been revealed

Thor Captain America Marvel Studios

Thor and Captain America in Avengers – Credit: Marvel Studios

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It must have been an incredible feeling, and Marvel executive producer Trinh Tran told /Film that Kevin Feige’s favourite MCU moment came during the battle sequence in Avengers: Endgame.

Here’s what Tran had to say about that moment and Feige’s reaction to shooting it:

I think that was Kevin’s highlight of all time. To be able to finally put those two words together and have him actually say it. We could have been happy if it ended there, you know? We knew that we wanted that to happen in Endgame, and it was trying to find, obviously, the right moment, and what other right moment than when everybody’s standing behind you and they’re ready to go? But I do vividly remember him: it was all green screen, all the characters were standing there, and Chris Evans was holding that, and when he actually first said it, I think it was silence before they all started charging, and we all felt that energy, that surge of ‘this is happening. We’re going for it!’

The feeling of getting that moment on camera must have been an incredibly special moment for Feige considering how long he’d been waiting for it.

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