The Flash Rated For Violence, Strong Language And Nudity


DC’s upcoming film The Flash has been officially rated for violence, strong language and nudity by the Motion Picture Association. For one, this is a good thing. It means that the film is already done and dusted, and it sounds like it’s going to be a really fun time at the cinema.

After all the reshoots and pushed-back release dates, The Flash is at long last finished with its post-production. Getting an age rating means the film has been seen by the MPA.

Whatever cut of the movie the MPA will end up being the same film we’ll be getting in cinemas. In other words, there is no reason for the film to get delayed now. It won’t be too long before we get to see the movie’s official rating from the BBFC, otherwise known as The British Board of Film Classification.

DC’s films have usually targeted a PG-13 rating for their movies. Out of the thirteen DC movies that Warner Bros. Pictures has released, only three were given an R-Rating. That includes Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Even if we count Matt Reeves’ The Batman, that is also a PG-13 film. Todd Phillips’ Joker, though is obviously an rated-R film.

The MPA has rated The Flash movie

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A Twitter post from One Take News tells us that The Flash has been officially rated by the Motion Picture Association. It’s been rated PG-13 for “sequences of violence and action, some strong language and partial nudity.”

Personally, it doesn’t seem a surprise that they have labelled “partial nudity.” We did get a glimpse of why there would be, and it does make sense in the film too.

In the trailer, we see Supergirl wearing a patient’s gown. That scene alone could reveal some skin, it’s supposed to show that she as a Kryptonian is weak because she hasn’t been exposed to the sun. Without sunlight, she won’t be able to have superstrength, or she may even struggle to fly. So, that should be pretty much it, as far as I can see.

The film is loosely based on Geoff Johns and Andy Kubert’s DC comic mini-series, Flashpoint. In the comics Barry Allen (aka The Flash) travels back in time to save his mother but inadvertently creates an altered timeline where Bruce Wayne is dead, Superman is nowhere to be seen, and Aquaman and Wonder Woman are at war with each other.

Flashpoint was also the basis of a storyline featured in season 3 of The Flash TV series starring Grant Gustin.

The Flash Is Rated PG-13

The Flash Rated For Violence, Strong Language And Nudity

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

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The film has reportedly had positive test screenings which is why Warner Bros. Discovery has been pushing the film’s release even though it had a lot of backlash with Ezra Miller’s legal issues.

Ever since, the actor has had several reports of arrests, disorderly conduct, harassment and even burglary. There were campaigns to cancel the film altogether because of its lead star. Miller did release a statement in which he apologised for his behaviour and has started mental health treatment.

Regardless of the campaigns against the release of the film, WBD still pushed through. And based on reports of the film’s production, Miller seems to be not a problem to work with.

It’s been reported that Top Gun: Maverick lead star Tom Cruise has seen the film. We’ve heard a lot of reports from several sources that have seen The Flash. But this is the first time we have heard that a high-profile actor who is not related to the production had seen it and said high praise for the film. Insiders say that he even called up director Andy Muschietti just to tell him that “this is the kind of movie we need now.”

The film is set to premiere on April 25 at CinemaCon. The film will have a full public release this June 16, 2023.

What do you make of the Flash getting a PG-13 rating? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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