The Batman TV Spinoff On HBO Max Will Be A Prequel To The Movie

It’s been revealed that the upcoming The Batman TV spinoff series will actually be a prequel to Matt Reeves’ upcoming Robert Pattinson movie.

It was revealed a few days ago that Matt Reeves is working on a The Batman TV spinoff series.

This series will be coming to HBO Max and will be set in the Gotham Police Department.

It hasn’t been revealed yet whether this series will be based on or inspired by the incredible comic book series, Gotham Central comic book series.

It’s now been revealed by Variety’s Justin Kroll that this Batman TV spinoff series will be set before Matt Reeves’ DC Comics movie.

You can have a look at what Kroll wrote in his tweet below.

The Batman TV spinoff will be a prequel to Matt Reeves’ DC Comics movie

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Here’s what Kroll revealed about the HBO Max Batman spinoff TV series:

No idea if Patz will make man appearance but what I have learned is that it be set before when THE BATMAN is set and dive into how Gotham became corrupt and infested with criminals.

This is really interesting news.

It means that this TV spinoff series could fill in a lot of gaps that the movie might have.

It sounds like The Batman series will reveal what life was like in Gotham before Batman came along.

What do you make of this news?

Are you looking forward to watching the upcoming The Batman TV spinoff series?

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